Speed cabling

  Diemmess 17:21 12 Feb 2008

Perhaps for a day job, some of these competitors might arrange to be on call when a much needed clean up of a work area takes place?
click here

  crosstrainer 17:37 12 Feb 2008

Good grief! I have encountered some DIY nighmares in new client's premises before but the BBC look as if they need my services big time....Nobody there seems to have heard of conduit :)

As a sport, I prefer Rugby :)

  Brumas 18:00 12 Feb 2008

If I provided Tea & Toast would they hold the finals behind my computer desk? ;o)

  Legolas 18:22 12 Feb 2008

I,m bad enough trying to untangle my headphone lead. Looking at that picture makes my head hurt.

  lisa02 21:36 12 Feb 2008

Nice try Brumas.

  wiz-king 21:43 12 Feb 2008

Could they come and sort out the mess around my cable swithes under ny desk, I have got 2 x 20way switches lurking under my desk - nice and warm in the winter!

  octal 22:30 12 Feb 2008

Blimey! That picture reminds me of many years ago when I was a telephone exchange supervisor, like this click here but bigger!

  Brumas 23:18 12 Feb 2008

One can but try :o)

  crosstrainer 06:22 13 Feb 2008

Trouble is, I fear that the injury toll would be massive, as they all got tangled up :)

  crosstrainer 06:23 13 Feb 2008

Your pic looks very tidy by comparision!

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