Andsome 16:12 25 Feb 2010

I posted a similar topic on here the last time I needed an eye test. I have always been satisfied with the tests received at Specsavers, however I strongly dislike their sales offers. I needed a new prescription, I use reactolite lightweight lenses, varifocal with scratch resistance. They quoted me give or take a few pence, £219 for new frames plus lenses. I said that I wanted new lenses in a pair of perfectly good old frames, and was quoted £247, an extra £28 for the privilege of using my old frames, and saving Specsavers the cost of the new frames. Naturally I protested at this ridiculous offer. The manageress told me that they were offering a discount if buying new frames. This is of course an absolutely stupid argument. She fully appreciated my argument and had a word with the branch director. He made me an offer of £182.75 for new lenses in my old frames. A shop a hundred yards away offered me new lenses in my old frames for £115. This is the same shop that I purchased from the last time Specsavers tried their swindling act.

The moral is to do what I did, and have Specsavers eye test, and buy the glasses from an independent supplier. Before anyone points out the seemingly obvious, the independent shop does not carry out eye tests, or I would have gone there for the test too.

  sunnystaines 17:01 25 Feb 2010

have an eye test where you can trust the optician avoid ones using locums.

then take your presrciption and shop around for the best deal.

i have just spent ages shopping around and found boots did the best deal on glasses but used the "optical shop" each year for my eye test as i always get a good though eye test there,

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  sunnystaines 18:44 25 Feb 2010

Specsavers would have been my choice if boots had not lowered they prices

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