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Specially for the FE ..

  johndrew 16:06 10 Dec 2011

.. when asked through the year, "Is it time for Christmas posts?".

And one for all those who either hate wasting electricity or have neighbours they wish to annoy. Merry Chistmas

  Forum Editor 15:31 11 Dec 2011


"Wot no crime, family punchups etc....-}"

No, just lots of girls in skimpy bikinis, sunshine all day, huge prawns on a beach barbecue, then a traditional Christmas dinner on the pool terrace in the (relative) cool of the evening... it was awful.

  Forum Editor 15:36 11 Dec 2011


"What is the emoticon for 'tongue in cheek'?"

be my guest: -)

  Aitchbee 17:01 12 Dec 2011

On the bus today, one woman said to another woman," Is that you all organized for Christmas now?"

The 2nd woman (who had ten shopping bags, all around her), said, "No, I haven't even started yet."

"It's beginning to look a bit like...Christmas!"

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