Special constable convicted

  ronalddonald 19:17 02 Aug 2010

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Is this right

  tullie 19:41 02 Aug 2010

Yet another anti police thread ronald?

  morddwyd 19:59 02 Aug 2010

Of course it's right.

If the video footage is to be believed it clearly showed an assault, rather than restraint, and he has been rightly convicted.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:20 02 Aug 2010

if the three police had been wearing football tops instead of being in uniform would two of the three have been aquitted?

Based on the video clip, it appears that the two aided an assault by the third. Their failure to restrain their colleague does them no credit at all.


  lotvic 20:21 02 Aug 2010

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court gave him a fair trial and found him guilty so it's right that the Special constable was convicted.

The police don't always do everything right.

  onthelimit 20:23 02 Aug 2010

I really do give up - of course it's right - the video is quite clear.

  tullie 21:07 02 Aug 2010

I wasent commenting on the article itself,but the fact that ronald allways seems to sniff out everything associated with police doing the wrong thing thing,not any of the good work they do.

  lotvic 21:53 02 Aug 2010

Ah Well, it's nice to have a hobby ;@

  Strawballs 22:49 02 Aug 2010

I've pointed that out before in other posts of his!

  Forum Editor 23:04 02 Aug 2010

what possesses you to ask 'is this right?'

The Special constable was convicted of assault and perjury by a jury, he was filmed committing the assault. Of course it's right that he was convicted - that must be obvious to anyone.

This isn't a topic for discussion, it's a minor news story.

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