Speaking/Texting whilst on the move

  jack 19:40 13 Mar 2009

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This brings to mind my adventures in the local ASDA store yesterday
Me- scanning sheves for my purchase, when WHACK into my back. I turned to find a loaded trolly had collided with me- it driver? - Texting of course - Nol bo much as an abology.

Later in the checkout queue. all grind to a stop - Why
Operator sits looking perpleaxed - the person at head of the line is - yup - texting.

It seems to me that rules of Mobile phone use should be extended to indoor locations as well.

  Jim Thing 19:56 13 Mar 2009

"Nol bo much as an abology."
That's a bad cold you've got there, jack.

I couldn't agree more about texting while on the move.

  Starfox 23:49 13 Mar 2009

Takes me all my time to text while standing still never mind doing it when moving.

  JYPX 00:44 14 Mar 2009

Until recently I worked on one of the upper floors of a large call-centre. At 5pm I would often glance out the window and marvel at the sight of a couple of hundred people leaving the building, all bent over as they shuffled forward, apparently gazing at the palm of their right hand, and avoiding bumping into each other by instinct alone.
Will social scientists research this kind of thing in 30 years time, when we are baffled by an epidemic of back/spine problems among 50/60 year olds?

  BT 07:50 14 Mar 2009

I'm totally baffled as to why almost everyone these days seems to have to be in constant contact with almost everyone else.

I've got a Mobile but its only switched on when I NEED to use it.

I saw a woman the other day pushing a pushchair with one hand and holding her mobile out in front of her in the other. She didn't seem to be actually doing anything with the phone, just holding it out just in case someone texted or called her. The other two youngsters she had in tow were engrossed in their Nintendo DS's.

The mobile phone network providers must be raking it in. Wish I'd thought of the idea.

  Forum Editor 08:07 14 Mar 2009

but its only switched on when I NEED to use it."

How frustrating for your callers. I don't necessarily answer all calls to my mobile number, but at least it's switched on, so I know when somebody has called. I don't really see the point of carrying a mobile phone that's only switched on to make outbound calls.

  BT 08:28 14 Mar 2009

That's the whole point. I don't give out the number except to certain selected people, and I can be contacted by my home phone most of the time. If I'm out and about I will keep my mobile switched on IF I need to. When you overhear other peoples conversations its almost invariably just unimportant social chat, and when the chap standing next to you in the Tescos toilet is engaged in a totally unimportant social chat its a bit offputting to say the least!!

"I don't really see the point of carrying a mobile phone that's only switched on to make outbound calls."

This is what I choose to use my phone for. Its almost impossible to find a Public pay phone these days and even if you can its often out of order.

  brindly 08:46 14 Mar 2009

I have a theory about why certain people can't stay off their mobile phones, they are like a dummy or comforter. As to the conversations one overhears well mostly barnal rubbish. Mobile phones good for an emergency but a distaction and the cause of many unecassary deaths.

  Quickbeam 09:04 14 Mar 2009

in light of the Lord Ahmed thread, this problem will be much worse over the next decade or so with cyclists, pushchairists, walkists etc, all thinking that it's quite normal to have to deal with texts immediately whatever they're doing, as Lord Ahmed has proved this week.

  BT 09:06 14 Mar 2009

You've summed it up exactly!

  BT 09:10 14 Mar 2009

I was stuck behind a Postman on a narrow residential road on Thursday as he wobbled along on his bicycle engrossed in, presumably, texting on his mobile.

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