Speakers Corner - a success?

  anskyber 19:13 22 Feb 2006

Once, I rather inadvisedly ( because I was hoping for something else) said that Speakers Corner had been "downgraded". Now on my particular road to Damascus have to say that I think it has been a thorough success and I have enjoyed what I have read enormously, do you agree?

  Chegs ®™ 19:47 22 Feb 2006


  SG Atlantis® 19:58 22 Feb 2006


  octal 20:04 22 Feb 2006

I agree, its been an interesting departure from just speaking about computers, the most interesting part is generally how sensible people have been in their posts, it says "This is the place for lively and thought-provoking debate with other forum members" although I don't post that often, I have followed quite a few debates that got heated, but again people were showing restraint in their replies, well done PCA, it shows the members are actually Human and can talk about other issues as well as computers.

  watchful 21:08 22 Feb 2006


  stalion 21:56 22 Feb 2006

yes with common sense used on the threads posted it seems to be working well.
octal I bet you thought we were all robots didn't you, lol

  ade.h 21:57 22 Feb 2006


It hasn't degenerated into anarchy yet!

And it has allowed for more varied and interesting subjects to be discussed, from theology to hobbies.

Big improvement.

  octal 22:36 22 Feb 2006

lol, perish the thought OB.

  ade.h 22:50 22 Feb 2006

I may have spoken too soon. All's well around here, but over in Consumerwatch, a small civil war seems to have broken out! click here

Handbags at dawn...

  ade.h 23:51 22 Feb 2006

Ingore my last post of 22:50. The offending posts have now been edited.

  Forum Editor 23:59 22 Feb 2006

thanks for the kind words.

ade.h - the fire is out.

I have no intention of allowing Speakers Corner to degenerate into anarchy, and I'm sure you all feel the same way. If we try to keep in mind a few simple ground rules we'll be fine:-

1. No personal insults.

2. No religious debates.

3. Nothing political.

4. Sexism is out.

5. Bad language ditto.

6. Racist comments are unacceptable.

7. So is Nationalism - patriotism is fine, but if you don't know the difference don't chance it.

Let's look forward to some interesting discussions, and lots of varied opinion. To anyone who reads the threads, but is slightly wary of contributing I say please don't hang back. Nobody knows who you are, nobody will see your red face if you say something you regret, and everyone here made that first post at some point. Without exception we've all had those moments when we wished the ground would open up, but the forum is a friendly place, and clangers soon fade into obscurity.

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