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  woodchip 12:38 11 Sep 2012

Why is it that mostly hear that if some one makes a comment (Free Speech)that they get jumped on by someone?? everybody as a right to make a comment without being attacked by some body with a bigger mouth. That's why Help room gets more posts to some extent, as Help is given Free without reserves

  Forum Editor 12:52 11 Sep 2012

"....if some one makes a comment (Free Speech)that they get jumped on by someone??"

Well, there are a couple of points that spring to mind.

Firstly, there's no point in making comments in a discussion forum unless you expect other people to respond to what you've said - like I'm doing now. The whole idea behind a forum called Speakers Corner is that it's a bit like the actual Speakers Corner in London. People put forward an argument, and other people debate it with them. Some will agree, and some will not. I'm not sure I would call that being 'jumped on'.

My second point is this thing about free speech. It's a phrase that's bandied around a lot when people find they have posts deleted, or they get others arguing quite forcefully with them. Freedom of expression within the law is absolutely fine, provided it complies with our forum rules as well. If it passes those tests it's fine, but again you must expect others to disagree with your views, it's the nature of the debating game, and has got absolutely nothing to do with the size of anyone's mouth.

The Helproom gets more posts because it's not a discussion forum.

  wee eddie 13:00 11 Sep 2012

woodchip: I fear that many of the reactions, that you refer to, are due to a lack of communication skills.

Due to the changes in the School Curriculum over the years, few have had the chance to develop the skills of discussion and the default position of those that haven't is to disagree more, or less, quarrelsome way.

  woodchip 13:03 11 Sep 2012

When I said Jumped on, I mean that they say dogmatic things as if they are free from fault in what they say

  Forum Editor 13:28 11 Sep 2012

"...they say dogmatic things as if they are free from fault in what they say"

That's called being assertive, it's a debating ploy. You can do it, too, but for it to work properly you need to be sure that what you are saying can - at least in part - stand up to scrutiny.

There can never be a level playing field when it comes to internet forum debates, for the reasons outlined by wee eddie. Part of my job is to see that everyone gets a chance to have a say, but I can't do much if a person just doesn't have a valid argument to put. Web forums can be very tough places in which to survive; it's the reason we're so strict when it comes to things like personal abuse and bullying. We're not going to tolerate either of those at any price. I sometimes watch a situation starting to turn nasty, and occasionally it results in a written warning to the perpetrator. I don't have to do it that often, but it happens.

Things tend to sort themselves out most of the time, but if anyone's unhappy on a personal level it's an idea to email me.

  woodchip 13:35 11 Sep 2012

When I come into speakers corner, I get the feeling I am going to get Mugged

  Bing.alau 14:21 11 Sep 2012

I find that it is better to try to defuse situations with a little humour. It's great to have people like Brumas and Macscouse about to provide a bit of banter. They can insult me all they wish because they know it just runs off my back.

There are the odd bods on here who seem to have nothing constructive to add to a thread though and just seem hell bent on arguing at every opportunity. The kind of people who are "Always Right" and will not admit just occasionally that they may be wrong. But that's human nature. You can always ignore them.

  Kev.Ifty 18:51 11 Sep 2012

woodchip. Give us an example.

  Forum Editor 19:30 11 Sep 2012

"I get the feeling I am going to get mugged"

If that happens, let me know. If I think you're being unfairly picked on I'll do something about it.

  morddwyd 19:38 11 Sep 2012

"I mean that they say dogmatic things as if they are free from fault in what they say"

Fairly obvious that I am being referred to here.

I totally refute the suggestion that I consider myself free from fault in any way.

It's hardly my fault that most of you are too thick to follow the logic of my very cogent arguments.

  chub_tor 20:30 11 Sep 2012

morddwyd my late father in law's favourite expression was that "I am humble, modest and perfect." It sounds as if you come from the same stock....

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