Speakers Corner

  Old Shep 21:53 06 Jul 2004

Early days yet I know but it is very difficult to know exactly what to post here without the FE kicking it into touch, (Grahams cat comes to mind)Although I did not contribute to the newsroom much there were some very interesting things brought to our attention computer wise. Anybody give me a clue as to what we should post here or is it just to have a whinge.

  Forum Editor 23:30 06 Jul 2004

but you don't have to limit yourself to doing so. Maybe you could take a look at the introductory paragraph at the top of this forum, and take your lead from that?

Anything of general interest can be discussed here - provided it has some kind of connection with computing, albeit a tenuous one. What we aren't going to do is have a general chat-room atmosphere that invariably leads to inane ramblings about nothing in particular.

  Old Shep 08:45 07 Jul 2004

I had read the introductory paragraph regarding speakers corner and as I said early days but at the moment the discussions seem to ramble on about nothing. The forum seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle of Helproom and Consumerwatch thats why I questioned the content of discussion. Regards hope it takes off.

  The Brigadier 09:18 26 Oct 2008

So roughly the oldest thread here is back to July 2004.

  newman35 10:20 26 Oct 2008

"provided it has some kind of connection with computing"

Not wanting to be argumentative (perish the thought!), but the actual 'rules' say "Speakers Corner is there for threads that are not necessarily computer-related".
I realise you added the 'tenuous' rider, but the two statement meanings are somewhat different, are they not?

  Forum Editor 10:21 26 Oct 2008

but before that we had an earlier version of a general discussion forum, and course we have another four years-worth in our archive

  Forum Editor 10:38 26 Oct 2008

My post was written four years ago, and in the light of a good deal of previous experience - all of which is too involved to discuss here,

Suffice it to say that we launched this forum section in response to many requests, and at the time there were misgivings - in the past we had a group of members whose sole purpose in life appeared to be that of being as offensive as possible as often as possible, and in the worst way they could. The forum was a daily battleground, and when we started Speakers Corner I was determined that we wouldn't go down the same road again.

Policies should always be subject to modification in the light of changing circumstances, and that's why you see the heading on Speakers Corner as it is today - we discuss almost anything, as long as it sticks to the forum rules, and as longs as we stay legal, and within the bounds of good taste.

  carver 10:57 26 Oct 2008

There has been a lot of things posted on this section, some of it has not had a lot to do with computing, but most of it is of some interest to a lot of people.

To my knowledge FE has not closed many threads without good cause, I have postings going back 7 years and I have had a few closed down, but on a site such as this you can expect that.

Have a rant about some thing that has upset you, or a site that might be of interest to others on this forum.

But one thing about this site is that while not ever body might agree with you, most of the members are here because they enjoy it.

  newman35 11:04 26 Oct 2008

Apologies - never noticed your thread was that old, must be more careful in future!

Whatever, a great Forum, anyway.

  lofty29 11:33 26 Oct 2008

I have found that FE does a great job, as far as rulings go he is always in my opinion impartial, his own posts reflect his personal opinions which is perfectly correct. I find that speakers corner gives much enjoyment, and sometimes amusement, there are a great bunch of people contributing even, or especially those whose viewpoints are different to my own. So Old Shep find a saopbox and "let cry havoc and loose the dogs of war"

  Forum Editor 11:39 26 Oct 2008

No need to apologise - pretty well everyone has inadvertently posted in an old thread at some point.

An interesting aspect (for me) of reviving past threads is that I often look at my own posts and think "I have absolutely no recollection of writing that".

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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