Spanner in the works/car

  mrwoowoo 23:39 11 Mar 2009

Whilst driving along i heard an almighty banging noise and from my side mirror, noticed something spinning around on the outside of the tyre.
A ring spanner had completely deflated the rear nearside tyre after becoming embedded in the outer side wall about 40mm down.
It did a bit of damage to the wing as it was 250mm long with a ring diameter of about 20mm .
How unlucky can you get? The ring end of a spanner being about the bluntest thing ever.
I doubt that anyone can beat that for a puncture cause.

  wiz-king 05:37 12 Mar 2009

I can only make two obsevations:-
One, your radio is faulty or you would not have heard it.
Two, something like that must have been a bit of a wrench.

OK -- I get me coat!!

  crosstrainer 07:31 12 Mar 2009

Had you left the spanner there? If not, you may have a claim against the highway's agency for the damage it caused.

  BT 07:34 12 Mar 2009

I once had a puncture in my motor cycle tyre caused by a KEY.

  interzone55 08:54 12 Mar 2009

I once went into qwik fit to have a puncture repaired. They had an offer on at the time where punctures in the middle of the tyre were repaired for free.

As I was driving out of the garage area I managed to drive over two sheared bolts on the ground which punctured both nearside tyres.

They had to replace them both, because they were too badly damaged to repair.

So at no cost to me I got a punctured repaired & two new tyres...

  crosstrainer 09:03 12 Mar 2009

Some people have all the luck :))

  Covergirl 12:27 12 Mar 2009

Never again!

  mrwoowoo 00:08 13 Mar 2009

"Had you left the spanner there?"
Not mine.I was about three miles from home and it was just lying in the road.
Think it would be difficult to blame the highway's agency for things left in the road by the general public.
Still,iv'e patched it up now.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:49 13 Mar 2009

It took more than 40 minutes for them to change two tyres, after a long delay before they got round to starting, on a very quiet day!

"Qwik fit"? Not the most appropriate name for the business, at least not at the Bridgwater, Somerset, branch

  ened 08:01 13 Mar 2009

A few years ago a chap I know took his BMW into the local QF because he had a noisy exhaust.

They claimed to have fitted a new exhaust so he duly paid them and went on his way.

After a few days something wasn't quite right so he took it to a friend with a garage, who stuck it on the ramp and, lo & behold, they discovered that they had patched the old exhaust and then sprayed it (Badly) to make it look new.

Apparently, after he had complained, the Head Honcho went straight down to the branch and made a public spectacle out of sacking the employee, but the feeling was that there was pressure to get results that came from the top.

  laurie53 08:17 13 Mar 2009

Having criticised the AA who everyone was praising in another thread I must do the opposite here.

QF is my tyre depot of choice and I have had excellent service whenever I have been there (Dundee branch).

The last time I was there I needed a couple of batteries for a special application and not only did they get about a dozen out for checking, but they then spent about on hour carefully shaving the casing here and there to get a good fit.

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