Span is Part of a Bridge

  morddwyd 06:42 24 Mar 2018

.... not the past participle of the verb "to spin".

BBC News informs me "the helicopter span out of control".

It didn't didn't, it spun, and don't tell me language develops. This is simple sloppy and incorrect grammar from people who should know better.

  Forum Editor 07:13 24 Mar 2018

Never mind, the sun will still set tonight. I look forward to the day when all I have to worry about is a little grammatical error.

You'll find that 'span' is cited as an archaic but correct usage, although some English writers were using it well into the 20th century. Douglas Adams was one of them.

  Quickbeam 07:24 24 Mar 2018

If we're doing pedantic... I'd say the span is the major part of a bridge.

  Pine Man 08:34 24 Mar 2018

I look forward to the day when all I have to worry about is a little grammatical error.

Already aitch has been replaced by haitch and last night I saw a BBC reporter interviewing someone and the reporter wasn't wearing a tie!!

It's not good enough. Where will it all end??

  john bunyan 08:41 24 Mar 2018

I heard Google used as a verb , as in “I Googled it” instead of “I looked it up on Google “. What is the world coming to? - Sorry, To what is the world coming?

  BT 09:07 24 Mar 2018

I've heard 'span' used in this context many times. It may be 'technically' correct but sounds strange.

What really annoys me and is used wrongly by many well known BBC journalists and others, is the interchange of 'Bought' and Brought'.

  morddwyd 09:09 24 Mar 2018

Sorry, but to me to use the term "to google" is genuine language development, and is accepted by most language authorities such COD.

span in the context of spin is not except in in some dialects like US American.

  wee eddie 11:33 24 Mar 2018

Adam delved and Eve span!

  john bunyan 12:53 24 Mar 2018

I used to be a diver, and we "dived". In the USA they say "They doved", - the delights of two nations divided by a common language.

  caccy 18:43 24 Mar 2018

This is just one of the joys/horrors of "spell checkers" followed up by not bothering have the item proofread before publishing.

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