Spam telephone calls

  sunnystaines 11:26 18 Feb 2010

Just recently been getting a deluge of what I would describe as spam phone calls.

the phone rings and a computer voice trys to sell you insurance, free calls packages, financial investments etc.

also a lot of silent calls.

anyone else getting them.

  interzone55 12:17 18 Feb 2010

I fail to see why companies think pissing people off will generate new customers...

  birdface 12:21 18 Feb 2010

Not sure if you have used this or not.I can't remember the last time i had one of those calls after using this.

click here

  sunnystaines 12:49 18 Feb 2010

thats are handy link thanks

  ella33 13:02 18 Feb 2010

I certainly get texts trying to sell services. the most common one recently has said that they have heard about my recent accident and can help me to claim! I haven't had an accident and am hoping they are not clairvoyants!

  ella33 13:04 18 Feb 2010

I will crtainly look into this, thanks buteman

  sunnystaines 13:18 18 Feb 2010

my mobile is ok just my talktalk landline

  skeletal 14:15 18 Feb 2010

I’m registered with the Telephone Preference service and it does reduce nuisance calls, but does not eliminate them. I do get some and I ask the person for full details as I intend to put a complaint in to Ofcom. They usually get off the line very quickly. Having got their details I then send the complaint to the TPS, but invariably, the company is not known to them as it will, of course, be dodgy and most likely registered abroad.

I have also had calls telling me I can get thousands of pounds for "my accident".

I would have thought by now, that all these scams, including emails from a rich person in Nigeria, would be so well known that no-one would fall for them. Unfortunately, as all this nonsense still goes on, there must still be foolish people who respond.


  canarieslover 14:23 18 Feb 2010

I must be the lucky one as the only spam calls I have had recently have been to tell me of the holiday that I have won in the Carribean. I've asked them to post the tickets, but I'm still waiting.

  spuds 15:32 18 Feb 2010

Over the past few months I seem to get a daily dose of 'spam' calls, which seem to originate from call centres in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas. Anything from a recorded message to a 'human being' trying to provide a much wanted and essential service. Even telling them to go away and erase any contact details seems to meet with their agreement, until next time!.

Not sure if Ofcom have a 'regulated' time span for these type of calls. But I usually get them between 9.45am and 7.55pm Monday to Friday, with reduced hours on Saturday, none on Sunday's.

  interzone55 16:50 18 Feb 2010

"Not sure if Ofcom have a 'regulated' time span for these type of calls"

I'm pretty sure all sales calls must cease at 9pm, any calls after that are classed as nuisance calls.

OFCOM do not enforce the regulations about telemarketing, this is the remit of the Information Commissioner click here

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