spam rears its ugly head again.

  MJS WARLORD 13:59 19 May 2018

I recently removed my gmail address from my pc because even though I only used it once on a games site , over the following months it MUST have been sold on , at the point where I removed it I was getting about 50 spam a day.

I cant delete the address from my account or I wont be able to use google play on my tablet. I have 100's of spam emails on my tablet , you cant delete them without clicking each email to show the dustbin , this of course technically opens them so generates more spam because the sender or spam bot will know they got opened.

I decided to make up another gmail address but took the decision to use it just to see what happened ….. guess what happened !

The first new email to arrive was from system mechanic website , I know it was genuine because I opened it on my spare pc just in case !

So my querie is this , how can a so called genuine company contact me on a email address that has never been used.

  MJS WARLORD 14:02 19 May 2018

UPDATE..... A typo error it should say I took the decision NOT to use the new email address.

  rdave13 17:04 19 May 2018

MJS WARLORD with respect, use your PC to delete spam. Tablets don't offer the multiple delete usually. Why you bothered to delete your original Gmail account and start another one mystifies me. You will always be in the same boat. Send unwanted to spam filter. The filter won't delete spam for a month, approx, if I remember rightly. Give it time . Where the spammers get the info is anybodies guess but they do, same for me. Give Gmail's filters a chance or move on to another email supplier if you think they will fare any better. By the way have had the same Gmail account for donkeys years.


  wee eddie 18:49 19 May 2018

I have had same Gmail account for donkeys years and now get almost no spam. I do get some spam but rarely more than a dozen a week

  MJS WARLORD 23:29 19 May 2018

I agree with what you both say but you both missed one point , how did a genuine company manage to send me an email to an address that I had never used since I set it up , I thought only conmen and spam bots would have hit an unused email address .

  rdave13 07:07 20 May 2018

I would ask that question to the company involved.

  rickf 09:33 20 May 2018

Strangely, I went to my gmail a/c today and there were 116 spam emails. I never used to get them until now. Any suggestions?

  Pine Man 10:10 20 May 2018

I, like others, have had a gmail account for years. I don't actually use it apart from some accounts like Sky, who require two email accounts.

Gmail is set up to forward all emails to my main providers account so I never have to access it and, whether or not that is the reason, I can't ever recollect getting any spam and I've just physically checked gmail and the spam folder is empty.

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