Spam Folder

  interzone55 17:05 21 Dec 2011

I suppose I'm lucky in that I use Gmail so my inbox is largely untroubled by spam.

I check the spam folder daily for false positives (of which there are very few, a couple a month normally) and delete the rest.

Oddly, I generally feel a bit upset if there's less than 50 spams per day, as if the spammers have forgotten about me or something.

Anyway, lately amongst the ads medical supplements, cosmetic surgery and offers of money from Nigerian gents has been a slew of quite suspect prize draw offers. Today I've had three emails all wanting me to enter a competition to win a £3000 Primark voucher.

How on earth could anyone spend £3000 in Primark? You could probably empty the whole store for less than a grand...

  Condom 22:50 22 Dec 2011

And here is me moaning if I have more than 3 a day with Hotmail.

  john bunyan 22:58 22 Dec 2011
  Condom 23:24 22 Dec 2011

john bunyan

Very interesting reading your link as I am aware of many friends who have been suffering much the same in the past week or two. It seems that many Hotmail accounts have been hijacked and the first people are aware of this is when they start receiving "undeliverable mail messages" I think Microsoft is aware of the problem. All of the people I have talked to have up to date virus checking programs and their PC's are all showing up as clean.

Very confusing.

  john bunyan 00:05 23 Dec 2011


I moan about Pipex / Talk Talk re tech service but for over a year I have received very little spam - maybe one a month, and my download (up to 8 Mbps) is now at 9 from 5 a year ago. I assume hotmail has less filters.

  Kevscar1 02:28 23 Dec 2011

Very few get through to me. Sky stick about a thousand a week in their spam folder. Just go once amonth to them and delete all

  interzone55 09:32 23 Dec 2011

I think you misunderstood me - I really don't bother about the amount of spam sent to my address, as it's all safely tucked away in a separate folder, and very rarely touches my inbox.

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