Spam faxes

  octal 13:13 24 Jan 2005

Sitting here today in my office eating my sandwiches, when the fax rings and this appears:

click here

Now, considering I work in a big organisation were 0900 numbers are barred, how the heck am I supposed to fax it back to get taken off their list, doh!

I'm considering putting one of our ropey old computers in place of the fax machine and start blocking incoming traffic, but I'm not sure of any programs to do that at the moment, unless anyone else has got any ideas?

Now were was that sandwich? Ah yes, found it, blow the dust off it'll be fine.

  jerichobob 13:21 24 Jan 2005

I wouldn't do anything unless you start to get reams of the stuff coming through. It's a ploy to make money from you by getting you to reply to a premium rate number. They are asking you to confirm either way if you want to receive or not. Why would they need to do this if not to make money. Plus, if you do reply, it confirms that your fax number is live.


  octal 13:37 24 Jan 2005

Yes I know, like internet spam, but it made me smile thinking I couldn't fax back anyway. Have you seen the density of the fax, it'll take an hour to fax it!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:43 24 Jan 2005

With that density they WILL profit from you faxing back to premium no.

  JonnyTub 17:17 24 Jan 2005

hate the damn things, worse than spam cos it costs me ink and paper, grrrr !!

  recap 17:27 24 Jan 2005

At work we have an iMac set up just for receiving Faxes. This way we can edit the list of faxes before they get printed off.

  octal 19:35 24 Jan 2005

That's what we need. I'll have to do something, its costing all us tax payers money keep keeping our machine topped up with paper.

  georgemac 20:33 24 Jan 2005

registration with the fax preference service click here may not be much good though - but at least you can complain about the senders of the junk faxes once registered

  octal 21:07 24 Jan 2005

Thanks for that link, I notice it says;

"Before you apply however, you should be aware that registration may preclude you or your business from receiving information of value - thereby cutting you off from worthwhile business opportunities."

I don't think the NHS will be too miffed over missing 'business opportunities' when its trying to get its own house in order.

I will look into it further, I doubt if it will stop the fax in my link, because I haven't the first clue who the sender is, at least with the Internet there is a route, but if someone blocks their phone number you've no chance of tracking the culprit, unless MI5 is employed, bit overkill me thinks.

  octal 21:15 24 Jan 2005

I've registered our number. so when I get to work I'll confirm it from my work email address and we'll see how it goes.

  wiz-king 21:25 24 Jan 2005

I found being registered takes about three months to take effect -- 10 reams of paper later -- but it does cut down the number eventually.

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