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Spam deluge is spoiling the site.

  john bunyan 18:40 01 Jul 2020

8 out of the top 12 threads on the opening forum page are spam - many from the same long winded source. I know how busy FE must be but surely a spammer once reported could be blocked. Very annoying

  morddwyd 19:34 01 Jul 2020

The FE and his helpers are doing a Good job.

I've only seen one since I came back on site.

  bremner 20:41 01 Jul 2020


There are 10 in the current Most Recent Posts

  wee eddie 21:02 01 Jul 2020

Spam comes in bursts. As far as I know, FE paid to visit the site about once a day but, on occasion, does so more often.

Also 10 of those Posts, but not all are from the same Spammer, JB and I have reported them to him.

Why worry. This time of year, the Forum's dead anyway

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:53 01 Jul 2020

or contact simon if FE not around and lots of spam needs removing [email protected];

  morddwyd 09:06 02 Jul 2020

wee eddie

I know that you are one of those I referred to as the FE's helpers and I'm grateful.

  wee eddie 09:28 02 Jul 2020

I don't regard myself as a Helper.

Just trying to save everyone time. Most Spam is obvious but some are not and a few have compromised/dangerous links. As I visit most posts anyway, a couple of extra seconds makes little difference to my life.

  Quickbeam 16:43 02 Jul 2020

"Why worry. This time of year, the Forum's dead anyway"

Unfortunately that so true, 10 years ago we had 10 subjects a day worth joining into, the days of web based format forums are nearing an end...

  Forum Editor 17:49 02 Jul 2020

"Very annoying"

I'm sorry you found a few spam posts so annoying. I have been under the weather this week, so not as attentive as normal. I must obviously try harder.

  john bunyan 17:53 02 Jul 2020


Well done. It was one particular spammer that was so annoying, posting on every forum. Hope you’re ok now.

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