Space Invaders

  simonjary 14:02 22 Jun 2007

Anyone remember Space Invaders?

Have you tried our free RetroVaders game?

click here

Can anyone beat 200,000 points? Who is the Forum's best alien blaster?

Let us know your scores and the highest forum member will win something nice from the PC Advisor offices!



  Si_L 15:25 22 Jun 2007

Please please please put a mute option on the game!

  simonjary 15:34 22 Jun 2007

That's out of our hands unfortunately, so you just need to turn off your speakers.

We'll see what we can do, though...

  Rigga 16:17 22 Jun 2007

How long do we have to play. i.e. when is the deadline to submit your score?


  sunny staines 16:17 22 Jun 2007

Enjoyed the game is it a free download anywhere.

  simonjary 16:26 22 Jun 2007

We'll give out a pprize every Monday. Just let us know your top score and name entered in Hi-Scores.

I know that the game is available elsewhere but this way helps us fund this forum, as it is part of an HP-sponsored section.



My highest score is rather feeble at 5,280 (under name Lexton Snol) and number 74!

(You can also help us and yourselves by entering the competition to win two tickets and travel to the Rugby Woorld Cup. If you hate rugby you can always just have a trip to Paris, flog the tickets and have some snails.)

  simonjary 16:27 22 Jun 2007

Apologies for the pprize and Woorld. I think I need a new keyboard!

  wolfie3000 17:09 22 Jun 2007

Its a good game but not my taste im affraid,
Maybe by adding a few more games it will appeal to a wider audience.

  Rigga 19:30 22 Jun 2007

Got bored at 350. :( have entered the rugby competition though.


  Monoux 21:12 22 Jun 2007

simonjary -have you been watching too much open all hours with Arkwright ?

  benjiboots 21:35 22 Jun 2007

Just got 10370 under the name benjiboots! Great game - love the old classics!!

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