SP2 and notebooks

  spikeychris 20:46 13 Aug 2004

Just been installing SPII on laptops, rather than having them plugged in I was running on bats. Try installing SP11 on battery power (even full battery power) it wont. Its needs to be plugged in to run to run the installation. Imagine the work that has gone into an upgrade that knows the system is running on batts

Hi spikeychris

I must have been asleep, I am waiting for SP2 and you are already loading SP11.....!!!!!

  spikeychris 21:51 13 Aug 2004

Ah well, we are quick off the mark up north. "Try installing SP11 on battery power" Should have read, Try installing SPII on battery power.

SMOOOOOTHIE, grow up on a carrot farm did you.


  christmascracker 22:18 13 Aug 2004

I know everyone knocks microsoft but you have to admire them. Well, I do anyway. :-)

  Sapins 22:24 13 Aug 2004

Just for one horrible moment I thought we had to write it all down. LOL

Dear Forum Editor.

I see you erased my last post.....could you please advise me why you took such action? There was nothing offensive in anything I had written.

  spikeychris 19:33 14 Aug 2004

When Moses came down from the mountain he left one commandment up there, it read...

"Though shall not use an asterisk" on the lines of a neighbours ass kind of thing.

Don't take it persoanly....

Thanks spikeychris.

If I am charged with the heinous crime of putting an asterisk in a word then I am guilty as charged M'Lud.

HOWEVER.... I am not a relious person in any shape or form, but I do consider putting an asterisk in a word is nothing to taking the name of our Lord in vain as in a post found accceptable and uncensored on another forum of this site.

  Al94 19:49 14 Aug 2004

FE keeps a tight reign on this site as I for one should know!!!!! Not a bad thing when you see some of the postings on other forums.

  Forum Editor 19:59 14 Aug 2004

I don't normally discuss deletions in open forum - it's not really fair on the deletee...

As for "There was nothing offensive in anything I had written." That's a subjective judgment, and not one you can make in this context.

Do what most people do - call me all the names under the sun in your head and move on. It's not the end of the world, and nobody thinks any the worse of you for it.

  powerless 20:21 14 Aug 2004


How charged was that batterY?

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