South African Aids Aid

  laurie53 06:32 29 Nov 2008

Britain is to give the South African government £15m to combat Aids.

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This is not to a charity but to a minister of a government which controls a very large percentage of the world's gold and diamond mines.

Surely this money could have been better targeted?

While this sum is peanuts in government finance terms, this would a major donation to most charities, and probably more effectively spent.

  ronalddonald 07:02 29 Nov 2008

depends which charity gets it and how the money is used. Its been found out that quite often when money is used for wheat and other vital emergency things, they don't always get through. Some where along the chain of delivery corrupt officials walk of with the goods, unless the money is used back here in the United Kingdom, the NHS will waste it

  egapup 10:50 29 Nov 2008

Wouldn't it be better if the money was spent on free condoms and sex education??

  sunnystaines 11:17 29 Nov 2008

I would not pay but supply equipment and advisors etc. Africa in general has question marks over corruption related to aid money.

Should be re thought and a proper business plan studied on where and how money will be spent.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:33 29 Nov 2008

Watched a documentary last week about the use of aid money to Uganda. The Ministry of Health bought 400 4x4 vehicles for their staff..............and 2 ambulances for Uganda. This is one of the reasons that I try to ensure that none of my money goes to that corruption ridden continent.


  Colin 12:02 29 Nov 2008

Sex education and condoms are free in South Africa. I spent my teens in South Africa and visit the country at least once a year. It is a beautiful country that must not go the way of other African countries. I don't have rose tinted glasses and I'm sure there is corruption in South Africa as there is everywhere else in the world. There is a great need for education as some of the population have odd ideas about AIDS and how to cure it. Looking at the UK there is massive ignorance still over AIDS and the increase in STD's in the UK shows that access to information and education doesn't always help, but doing nothing certainly doesn’t help either.

  JanetO 12:05 29 Nov 2008

I don't know about the level of government corruption in SA, but in most African countries the money donated by the West usually ends up in ministers bank accounts. Sir Edward Clay, the former British Ambassador to Kenya found £millions of charity money found its way back to the ministers' British bank accounts.

I think the whole issue of giving money to Africa needs to be properly addressed to ensure it finds the people it's supposed to target.

  spuds 12:09 29 Nov 2008

When government 'officials' can divert charity aid to other purposes instead of making sure that aid reaches those in most need, then I might consider providing a donation of funding to help combat problems. But in the meantime, and under present conditions, I will support the local animal hospital.

If the UK government want to provide tax payers money to a cause like this, then they should insist that 100% guarantees are provided for correct and honest distribution. And that doesn't only apply to South Africa.

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