Soundproofing DIY Project In Loft

  soundman111 17:36 20 Mar 2017

Hello Folks,

I am beginning my insulation against my noisy neighbors, i feel happier that i am doing something about the noise. I have spoke to them many times, but some people are just unreasonable.

I am insulating the loft to begin with, this includes mineral wool acoustic insulation, this is lightweight and will go directly onto the floor of the loft. The loft floor is very weak and is just plasterboard, like most lofts if you was to stand on the floor you would come through the ceiling.

I am also going to install a 5kg barrier mat and some acoustic slabs to stop alot of noise that enters our home through the loft. My only concern is should i lay the acoustic slabs and 5kg barrier mat across the beams and joists of the loft or onto the loft floor directly? I just do not want the ceiling cracking, although these materials are not that heavy i just wondered what would be the best way of installing this?

The mineral wool is very lightweight so this is fine directly onto the floor, do you think as a precaution put the barrier mat and acoustic slabs over the beams of the loft? 5kg is not that heavy and i just wondered on your thoughts please?

Thanks for all your help folks. Many thanks in advance.


  bumpkin 18:49 20 Mar 2017

5kg, is that per square metre

  bumpkin 18:53 20 Mar 2017

I think it would be more effective on top anyway.

  wee eddie 19:44 20 Mar 2017

I am not going to comment of what you plan BUT I feel that you should know this.

Sound is transferred by physical contact.

So, if you put up Studwork, in contact with the Partition Wall, with sound absorbent material between the studs and then plasterboard, nailed to the studs, on top of that. The plaster board will emit the sound coming through from the other side of the Partition Wall. Admittedly the volume will be reduced but it will not be removed.

If you build a Studwork Wall, a couple of inches clear of the Partition Wall, and loosely suspend some sound absorbent mat between the two you should achieve the effect you need.

  bumpkin 22:14 20 Mar 2017

wee eddie, From what soundman has said he is trying to reduce noise coming via the ceiling. Your suggestion relating to the partition wall would be a better solution if he is willing to do so.

  bumpkin 22:19 20 Mar 2017

I am pleased that I do not live next door to this person causing the noise as my solution would not be regarded as acceptable.

  Forum Editor 22:55 20 Mar 2017

As already mentioned, sound - particularly low frequency sound - is transmitted via the structure of a building, and particularly via ceiling joists which may be in contact with party walls.

Airborne noise, such as loud music, shouting, or dogs barking can be tackled by placing accoustic insulation slabs between ceiling joists. Thermal wool insulation will have no effect - it isn't dense enough.

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