That Sort of Day

  morddwyd 11:42 04 Jul 2010

It's going to be one of those days.

First I carefully put the used table napkins back in the drawer and carried the napkin rings through to the washing machine.

Then I plunged my hand into a bowl of washing up which contained a very sharp knife which I myself had put there, contrary to every instruction which I, a retired Health & Safety Officer you will recall, had ever given, with predictable results of course.

I'm now going back to bed!

  Pineman100 16:08 04 Jul 2010

If we're on the subject of cautionary tales, here's a tip:

Never stand your coffee cup near the paint tin into which you are regularly dipping your brush.


  Forum Editor 17:05 04 Jul 2010

who got into his friend's hand-built Morgan sports car on the day after it was delivered, and reversed it into a driveway light as I tried a three-point turn.

Wrecked the light, did several hundred pounds worth of damage to the Morgan's rear wheel arch, and put a distinct chill on that evening's dinner party at his house.

  wiz-king 17:09 04 Jul 2010

At least you survived - click here

  morddwyd 18:10 04 Jul 2010

You damaged a Morgan?

A Morgan?

All else pales into insignificance!

  Forum Editor 18:22 04 Jul 2010

It was repaired by Morgan, and there was no trace of the damage. Remarkably, I was allowed to drive it again, on several occasions, and on one trip I skidded as I stopped rather quickly at a traffic light in the rain. The owner was in the passenger seat, and seemed totally unconcerned.

The fun's over now - he moved abroad,and the car was sold.

  peter99co 18:40 04 Jul 2010

I was lucky enough to have a passenger only trip in an AC Cobra and the owner said he thought it needed a bigger turbo until he spun off the road when he floored the gas pedal from a standing start.

  rickf 18:50 04 Jul 2010

We are old getting on abit. Short term memory loss!! Helloooo.

  interzone55 19:05 04 Jul 2010

My soon to be father-in-law kindly let me use his Morgan as a wedding car.

Due to the wooden chassis impacting on the amount the front wheels will move they have the turning circle of a battleship.

After about the 841 leg of my three point turn outside the registry office I admitted defeat and let my now father-in-law get the car out of the car park.

Unfortunately the cooked clutch meant I never got behind the wheel of that lovely car again...

  interzone55 19:06 04 Jul 2010

I take it you'll be going jogging with a pair of scissors tomorrow...

  dukeboxhero 19:13 04 Jul 2010

We all have days like this,At 4am one morning out in my Taxi i decided to freshen my breath with a tube of toothpaste i kept in my bag.Found the tube big dollop on my finger then rubbed it into my gums and teeth only thing was it tasted funny,it was a tube of savlon i had used, I have never been so sick and the taste lasted for hours.

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