Sorry, there will not be an IL/TP tonight.

  Brumas 09:19 04 Aug 2017

Have to nip to Preston for a couple of days unexpectedly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:25 04 Aug 2017

Hope all is well!

  Brumas 11:47 04 Aug 2017

*Fruit Bat /\0/*, son-in-law taken to hospital with suspected ulcer/gall stones/? and may be in for a while. Taking a 2 year to visit is a bit of a hassle so we are going down to help out, thanks for your concern.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 04 Aug 2017

So you have the hard job then. A 2 yr old is lots of work but fun as well:0)

  john bunyan 13:27 04 Aug 2017


I hope son in law has a lesser problem than suspected; good luck with your duties and I hope he gets well soon.

  oresome 13:33 04 Aug 2017

I'm sure all forum members echo those thoughts.

  QuizMan 18:31 04 Aug 2017


I hope S-I-L is soon on the mend. As I am going out to fix someone's internet problem this evening I doubted that IL/TP was going to be a possibility anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:43 04 Aug 2017

suspected ulcer/gall stones

Painful, and distressing. Best wishes to him from us.

  bumpkin 21:14 04 Aug 2017

Thanks for telling us. Understandable you have more important priorities.

  flycatcher1 11:44 05 Aug 2017

I always look at the pictures but have never recognised one. Enjoy the two year old you are very lucky in that respect. Best Wishes for all concerned, Kidney Stones were bad but the size of Gall Stones....ugh!

  Brumas 17:11 07 Aug 2017

Thanks for all the best wishes which we passed on, just got back. He was released Saturday afternoon, after a battery of tests and scans, still feeling in discomfort with the abdominal cramps - they suspect it could be Crohn’s Disease. He has medication and is feeling positive and awaiting the prognosis, daughter and grandson are fine - it is just us two who are bushed!! ;o}

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