a sorry tail

  wee eddie 16:58 25 Jun 2007

I have just been alerted by a mewing from the kitchen, so mindful of the potential for serious damage. I got up and trotted through.

My little black kitten/cat (1 year old) was sitting there looking at the floor and then up at me, cocking his head to one-side and letting out a succession of plaintive miaows.

I knew that it wasn't lack of food and he'd just had his tummy tickled, so it wasn't that either.

Then I clicked:- The wettest weather.

My kitchen is on the south side of the flat and when the sun shines, a fair part of the room is in shadow but.....

If I stand in the right place, the face of my watch reflects the sun onto the floor. This is the latest game. He will chase that little light back and fourth till he's exhausted. I've actually had him sweating.

How do you ex[plain to a kitten/cat that it doesn't work without the sun. I'm getting all sorts of recriminating looks as though it's all my fault that he can's play "Hunt the Sprite"!

  Kate B 17:07 25 Jun 2007

Awwh! Try it with a torch. Poor confused mog!

  Cymro. 17:08 25 Jun 2007

As some one who doe`s not like cats there is no way I am going to get dragged in to this one.

I have offended enough people today. Mind you tomorrow is another day.

  Quickbeam 17:20 25 Jun 2007

I've got a Cocker Spaniel that's used to a walk every morning between 9&10. All I've had all day from her so far is indignant stares with the whites of the eyes... Oh well, the wellies & dog coat will have to be broken out soon!

  Kate B 17:25 25 Jun 2007

My cat has been looking increasingly disgusted at the soggy state of her outdoor facilities - ie the flowerbed.

  jack 17:26 25 Jun 2007

Then there is my daughters cats
She has two Tom and Peta and a Black Collie Cross
In addition she doggie sits daisy a sort of Staff,whilst her dad is at work.
All four play together in doors or on the beach

Here is Daisy with her mate Tom

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  Kate B 17:38 25 Jun 2007

jack, you have to have an account with imagethrust to view your images

  Guardianangel 18:11 25 Jun 2007

Do you? I thought it was free.

  Kate B 18:18 25 Jun 2007

It is free, but you have to sign up to see images - it's an anti-spam thing, according to the error message I got when I clicked on jack's links.

  Starfox 18:21 25 Jun 2007

That's odd, if I click on your 1st link I cannot view the page because it requires membership as Kate says, but if I click on the 2nd link it takes me to the photo of a dog and cat, strange that!

  Guardianangel 19:07 25 Jun 2007

Yes, I got it from the second link. Good mates by the looks of it.

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