Sorry 4Mb broadband for £14.99

  norman47 01:15 11 Aug 2004

My village is to be upgraded to 512K ADSL on the 18/8/04. There is a broadband service already available. This broadband has recently been upgraded from 2Mb to 4mb with an upload of a minimum of 512k. This was done at no extra cost.

I have received a flyer today to state that the cost has been reduced to £14.99 and my subsequent credit card payments from the 18/08/04 shall be £14.99 a month.
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This service is not very useful for gamers, as the ping is poor, but downloads do reach 350Kbps.

Could this be the way forward for broadband, no bt needed, or is it a company trying to cling on to it's client base. The contention ratio is 15-1.

Unfortunately the offer is only available to this particular village,but the service is available nationwide. Who knows what the future holds for broadband and prices.

  Indigo 1 19:48 11 Aug 2004

I have been watching and waiting for a BB price war, but it still seems a long way off, so I'll put up with my 512K for now, it's not too bad at all and is certainly quick enough most of the time for a casual user.

If I were in the market to download shed loads of DVD's on a daily basis I would be dissappointed though.

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