Sony sees the light

  Kate B 00:31 24 Sep 2004

Sony has decided to make its music players compatible with MP3: click here
probably a wise move!

  joseph k. 12:31 03 Oct 2004

Definately! Sony are always great, but uncompromising innovators. This usually puts them into a corner where they remain trapped by their own innovativness. Perhaps they have at last learned that ghettoising themselves is a sure way of long term failure, or at least not doing nearly as well as they could. It is much better to see them using more general technologies where they have a great chance (I would bet on it) of making the best, if not cheapest products.

  Forum Editor 13:06 03 Oct 2004

with the Betamax episode, but it seems they think their technology is so innovative, and so desirable that we'll all fall headlong in love with their products and never want to change from their own format.

They're probably right about the falling in love part - nobody (apart from Apple) knows how to make objects of desire quite like Sony - but they really should understand that the market is not what it was ten years ago. Try to impose file formats on the world and you'll see the world paying you back - Adobe found that out with PDF.

  joseph k. 19:37 03 Oct 2004

And as for the future of the Sony 'Stick'??? They do make damn fine CD-Rs though - I know because I've got one - and I like to think that it is unusually good.

  Jarvo 20:11 03 Oct 2004

Has never been their formats but the lack of licensing for other manufactures that leaves them with a good product that no one can share or buy competitive media for.

Betamax better quality than VHS

8mm and HI 8 video better quality than Compact VHS and s-VHS

Mini disk grate product if could have been used in more playing devices and by the time Sony allowed licensing cheaper CD-R/RW and MP had come along.

I have just bought a Sony voice digital voice recorder to record lectures at Uni, its small and good looking and an hour long lecture fits into a small 6 MB file with excellent sound quality. Now today I wondered if I could tag the sound files to the lecture power point slides so I converted them to both WAV and MP3 files keeping the same quality as the original produced 64 MB files 10 x the size even compressing the files down to the poorest quality produced 16 MB files twice the size, shows how good Sony's file compression is! but what Sony don't understand is if they let every one use their codecs for playback with no or modest licensing we would be all rushing out to buy their products. Or maybe they just like to use that little bit of exclusivity to charge (make)a little more on each product (they will not cost that much more to make than cheaper products).
which ever it is I fall for it every time half the house is Sony!


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