Sony lose a fortune

  lisa02 21:26 26 Oct 2006

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guess the battery recall and competitors really did hit them hard.

  €dstowe 08:13 27 Oct 2006

They didn't do themselves any favours earlier in the year by producing (and later withdrawing) CDs with undesirables loaded into them either.

  g0slp 08:18 27 Oct 2006

I agree with €dstowe's sentiments.

Sony went right down in my opinion after that debacle.

  amonra 10:55 27 Oct 2006

Couldn't happen to a nicer company !
Their recent products have been overpriced and not exactly "world beating".

  Cymro. 11:08 27 Oct 2006

As stated on another posting this morning, there are more important things to worry about, and there is no way I am going to sympathise with companies such as Sony.

  lisa02 19:47 27 Oct 2006

I bought a cybershot earlier this year and I am well pleased with it.

  Forum Editor 23:23 27 Oct 2006

bad business decisions, it might be worth remembering that Sony has been one of the most innovative electronics companies on the planet over the years, and has consistently made products to a very high standard.

The comments in this thread certainly bear out the old adage that in business you take ages to build a good reputation and can lose it in days.

  rodriguez 11:52 28 Oct 2006

The delays to the production of the PS3 won't help either. Microsoft already have their Xbox 360 out and Nintendo have the Wii coming out in December - both in time for Christmas. Sony? Oh no, not until next year. This means they'll have to rely on Christmas sales of the slimline PS2, and as a lot of people already have a PS2, this still won't rival the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

  De Marcus™ 12:08 28 Oct 2006

I held Sony in high regard (and have bought many products)for many years until recently, the whole CD rootkits debacle left a sour taste in my mouth and just recently they've successfully sued an import company/website for importing PSPs into the UK from Japan (even though 4 senior managers used the import company/website to buy their psp's).

I don't think I'll be buying another Sony product until they stop acting like the big bully in the playground.

  Cymro. 12:33 28 Oct 2006

Assuming what you say is correct, and I am sure it is, then it makes it even more difficult to feel any sympathy for Sony or any company that behaves in that way. Yes I think you made the right choice of words when you called them "big bully in the playground".

  De Marcus™ 12:36 28 Oct 2006

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