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songs from the year you wre born pt2

  polish 20:25 25 Nov 2010
  polish 20:26 25 Nov 2010

this link works

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 25 Nov 2010

1967 best selection on there

  Quickbeam 07:05 26 Nov 2010

There was a seismic change in popular music styles from when I was born ('56), and when I started to listen to music as 'of my generation' (early '60s).

There isn't much that I like from my year, I tend to view it as period feel music for drama.

  sunnystaines 07:24 26 Nov 2010

no decent ones back in 1957

  morddwyd 08:19 26 Nov 2010

Al Bowley doesn't seem to be mentioned!

  Brumas 10:43 26 Nov 2010

I notice Bingalau is keeping quiet, I looked up his D.O.B. and found the most popular song to be ‘Greensleeves’ ;o}}

  Clapton is God 11:12 26 Nov 2010

I think a more appropriate title for this thread might be "Songs from the year you first became aware of or started to enjoy music".

I, for one, wouldn't have the slightest interest in (or memory of) songs from 1955. ;-))

  Terry Brown 11:40 26 Nov 2010


Brilliant music in '57- here is a sample.
click here


  sunnystaines 16:52 26 Nov 2010

thanks thats a better selection

  OTT_B 17:01 26 Nov 2010

One of the greatest Floyd songs of all time released in the year of my birth....pretty sure its namesake album was as well. And.....relax for 4.58 while it plays........

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