song hunt folks

  picklsey 19:59 26 Jan 2007

ok folks looking for help please wifes gone all sentimental on me (or maybe just mental)trying to remember who sung this song

please stay.was out around 74/76,it has the line.

if i got on my knees and i pleaded with you not to go would you still walk out the door like you did once before.please help she,s doing my head in.

  dukeboxhero 20:16 26 Jan 2007

its by the crying shames

  picklsey 20:20 26 Jan 2007

oh thank you thank you thank you she,s been doing my head in for 3/4 days over this.i will love you for ever lol.

  dukeboxhero 20:24 26 Jan 2007

still think its the same song picklsey tho this is the original from 1966

  picklsey 20:28 26 Jan 2007

don,t know wife says it is so i,m a happy chappy.thanks again.

  Kev.Ifty 20:55 26 Jan 2007

It took me 40Mins hope it works now lol

[URL=click here]the crying shames - please stay.mp3 - 2.95MB[/URL]

Cheers Kev

  alB 21:01 26 Jan 2007

I think The Drifters did a version of this song as well ...alB

  picklsey 21:05 26 Jan 2007

you are an absalute star i have searched for a couple of days for this song (got no where).

to explain i was in forces 74 to 79 and any time i was on leave this was played.thank you both again.

  picklsey 21:07 26 Jan 2007

thanks for the help but dukeboxhero and Kev.Ifty got it bang on.

  Kev.Ifty 21:24 26 Jan 2007

is also right.

It would appear that The Drifters did the song in 1961 and The Crying Shames, as dukeboxhero says, 1966. So therefore that makes alB, imho, much older than me lol

click here


  alB 14:49 27 Jan 2007

My dad told me about it !! :-)) ...alB

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