Sometimes I wonder how an organisation

  Forum Editor 08:39 30 Nov 2016

like the FA manages to stumble through life from day to day. I can only assume that some of the people who run it are either ignorant or have closed minds. here can be no other explanation for the sudden de-funding of what was a promising initiative.

One that met with all kinds of resistance from inside the organisation.

  wee eddie 09:21 30 Nov 2016

There is an alternative solution which would, potentially, get one hauled up for slander

  Quickbeam 11:12 30 Nov 2016

I'm just watching the Victoria Derbyshire show now as another player from Newcastle has just come out.

I can see all police forces becoming involved in a similar investigation and the whole young player abuse scandal becoming bigger than Savile at the BBC.

There must be a lot of older youth coaches dreading a knock on the door over the last few weeks.

  Forum Editor 11:19 30 Nov 2016


I think there will be knocks on quite a few doors over the coming weeks/months.

  VCR97 19:34 30 Nov 2016

And not just in the world of football.

  Quickbeam 19:45 30 Nov 2016

As of tonight there are now 15 police forces involved in this investigation.

  morddwyd 21:27 30 Nov 2016

I never had much time for footballers, but I would like to express my admiration for the courage of these guys, perhaps the epitome of macho men, in coming forward.

Most of us cannot even begin to imagine their mental torment.

  Forum Editor 15:14 01 Dec 2016

Police chiefs are saying that around 350 men have now reported being sexually abused in UK football clubs during their youth.

  wee eddie 16:37 01 Dec 2016

Unfortunately, certain Professions attracted paedophiles.

Among those professions were Sports Coaches and Boarding School Teachers.

It is no easier for a girl to report such an abomination that it is for a boy.

However, sometimes the male hierarchy turned its back on these goings on to, in its own eyes, protect its own! Some of this is now beginning to surface

  Burn-it 22:16 01 Dec 2016

perhaps the epitome of macho men


  Forum Editor 09:45 02 Dec 2016

Gary Johnson, a former Chelsea player, has alleged that in 2015 the club paid him £50,000 on condition that he signed a confidentiality agreement (which was lifted a couple of days ago).

Gary alleges that he was sexually abused from the age of 13. In 2014 he approached the Police, but he says he was advised to 'go back to Chelsea'.

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