Something to make us all..

  Stuartli 21:37 01 Nov 2008

...feel very uneasy:

click here

  GRIDD 21:47 01 Nov 2008


  Jak_1 21:52 01 Nov 2008

Glad I don't do online banking.

  birdface 22:04 01 Nov 2008

They might feel sorry for me and put some in.It is almost impossible to keep your computer clean now.

  rdave13 22:08 01 Nov 2008

I use online banking and also feel uneasy. Thing is if you don't do online banking due to these threats, then you don't do online buying or online corresponding or use any security sites for buying online.
Seems if you give in to these thieves then the internet should not be for you.
Thieves come in all forms not just the internet.

  rdave13 22:18 01 Nov 2008

Have been reading the post you and birksy are invloved in. Have posted twice but both without response and not even a trial of Open Dns. So be it.
It certainly looks as your ISP is at fault that's why the last suggestion of OD.
If ,however, it's malware, and I seriously doubt it, then a reinstall or the wonderful Acronis backup is the next thing?
Personally wouldn't take such crap for so long as you two have and would have changed ISP long ago, IF it's their fault.

  interzone55 22:21 01 Nov 2008

Interestingly, Yesterday I found out that most UK bank & card statements are printed by the same company.

No, I'm not about to tell you who they are...

  rdave13 22:31 01 Nov 2008

Same with 'Catalogue' companies. All secure sites and statements printed by same company; so no surprise there then.

  Forum Editor 11:10 02 Nov 2008

with anything other than their normal login information is just asking for trouble. Every bank on the planet with an online banking facility endlessly repeats the mantra 'we will never ask you for other information, either by email or online'.

Why anyone would readily provide their social security number to an online banking site is beyond me.

  dagnammit 11:23 02 Nov 2008

My bank website runs an active-x control which accesses a file on my computer and then I just type in my password.

Also same old addition to the Forum Editor's 'we will never ask you for other information, either by email or online'....

Never visit your bank/financial site from a link in an email, always type the address yourself.

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