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Something for the intelligent among us

  csqwared 16:02 21 Nov 2018

Found this quite entertaining if you've nothing better to do. I scored 25/35 a lot of which were guesses although my grammar school education 50 odd years ago did help!


  AroundAgain 16:33 21 Nov 2018

Ha Ha!!!

I got 20 out of 35!

However, seeing as I didn't do physics at school, nor anywhere else, I've surprised myself. Pure guess work (with a bit of 'logic' thrown in perhaps?)


  Laim Neeson 16:54 21 Nov 2018

74.28% No grammar school education.

  Aitchbee 17:03 21 Nov 2018

30/35 ... not too shabby. I did Maths, Physics & Chemistry [ they roll-off-the-tongue best in that order ] at Strathclyde University 1973/74 ... but bailed out after 2 years for medical reasons ;o[

  csqwared 17:10 21 Nov 2018


...bailed out after 2 years for medical reasons

bet your brain was hurting. ;-))

  Aitchbee 17:25 21 Nov 2018

Anxiety & depression, csquared. Couldn't handle the social side of things. I was a snowflake in today's parlance.

Haven't forgotten the basic principles of physics and chemistry though, but as far as advanced mathematical theory is concerned, forget it.

  alanrwood 19:03 21 Nov 2018

31/35 for me. I fell for a couple of simple ones without thinking it through. DUH!!!

  john bunyan 19:20 21 Nov 2018

29/35; my Physics was 63 years ago!

  lotvic 19:36 21 Nov 2018

I got 25/35, I'm pleased with that.

  LastChip 20:33 21 Nov 2018

25/35, but I never studied physics at all. Just stuff I've picked up over the years.

  Aitchbee 21:47 21 Nov 2018

Just stuff I've picked up over the years.

That 'stuff' would be termed Natural Philosophy ... in old money, LastChip ;o]

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