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Something from the BBC worth watching for a change

  qwbos 00:52 01 Feb 2019

American History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley finished tonight but I'd imagine it's available on iPlayer.

Wonderful insight into how history gets twisted to suit the agenda and well worth watching.

I wonder whose history she'll expose next.

  john bunyan 08:09 01 Feb 2019


We have been watching that series; Lucy Worsley is always good value( we also count her changes of costume as well). The bit on how statements were altered by the McArthy team , in particular, was amazing

  Gordon Freeman 10:48 01 Feb 2019

I wonder whose history she'll expose next.

Not seen the programme, but I suspect she could investigate any country, including ours, & find similar twisted to suit the agenda items.

Although we don't like to admit it, lies & corruption are everywhere (particularly in politics) & it's not confined to 3rd world countries. Just look at the Brexit fiasco as one example. Who knows what the real truth is there?

As far as facts are concerned, we only know what we're told by these political types, & most of the time it's a pack of lies, plus of course other stuff provided via media fake news. These untruths usually get discovered years after events. Yep, a bit cynical, but that's the way I see these things.

  Forum Editor 11:48 01 Feb 2019

"As far as facts are concerned, we only know what we're told by these political types, & most of the time it's a pack of lies,"

That strikes me as a statement that springs from prejudice, rather than from any reliable evidence.

Lying is an aspect of the human condition - everyone does it at some point. Politicians obviously bend the truth at times, but to say that most of what they tell us is a lie strikes me as ridiculous.

  wee eddie 12:03 01 Feb 2019

I think that I should point out that Lucy Worsley is the presenter of these programs.

It is unlikely that the research work is hers but has been commissioned by the Production Company who made the programs.

  john bunyan 12:11 01 Feb 2019

No doubt the producers did the research but Lucy Worsley has a PhD in history so I expect she checked it out

  Gordon Freeman 12:12 01 Feb 2019

FE: No, it's not springing from prejudice at all. In the context of the thread subject (although I haven't seen the programme, as I stated), whichever way you wish to dress it up, twisted agenda, bending the truth, pack of lies, it all amounts to same really, in my opinion.

We're all entitled to our views, & even though they don't always align with those held by others, I don't think you have the right to say one view is more, or less, ridiculous than any other held view.

  john bunyan 12:14 01 Feb 2019

Not sure if she mentioned it but as recently as 1930 the USA had contingency plans for war with U.K.!

plan Red

  wee eddie 15:25 01 Feb 2019

JB: Any Government that does not have planning, in place, for almost any contingency, is not worth its salt.

With any luck, most of these plans will remain in their boxes until the end of time. Lack of contingency planning has caused the bankruptcy of many a business

  Quickbeam 21:16 01 Feb 2019

I'll be surprised if she didn't do most of the original scripting herself, everything else that she's done is also from a new perspective. She's very good with her unique style of telling.

  qwbos 00:58 02 Feb 2019

It was interesting that she covered the recurring theme of paranoia over Russia, be it McCarthyism, overstating Russia's capabilities or selective misinformation about who's sitting on who's doorstep. I wonder how that'll go down if the series is shown in America.

I've always thought that Dwight D Eisenhower's warnings about the growth of the military, industrial complex was a warning that went unheeded. If ever there was an example of flawed capitalism, the power the arms manufacturers appear to have over the American government would be hard to beat.

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