Someone must have splashed out at the sales

  interzone55 21:34 30 Dec 2008

Student goes £100bn in the red...

click here

  rdave13 21:39 30 Dec 2008

Barclays offered a tenner to cover phone calls so what's the big deal? The Bank resolved the problem within an hour.
I'd have asked for a further £50bn overdraft..:)

  tullie 22:13 30 Dec 2008

Compensation for stress?It was obviously an error,another sponger trying to get something for nothing.

  newman35 22:38 30 Dec 2008

Any fool would know that it was an error, - Billions overdrawn? I would have taken the statement and framed it for future talking point in dinner conversations.
The guy was a 'care worker' - beggars belief.

  Al94 23:17 30 Dec 2008

I'm prepared to bet that if any of you got a statement showing this, regardless of the "error" it would cause you a considerable amount of concern!

No need for disparaging remarks about 'care workers' who in my opinion are often the unsung heroes in today's world. Who else would wipe someones arse for the minimum wage?

The current rash of idiotic unnacountable bankers need to be made (in simple terms) accountable for their actions.

£10 compensation is totally crass!! I would tell them to stick it where the care workers get paid to wipe!

  AL47 23:37 30 Dec 2008

haha, i would love that statement, good luck debt collectors!!

i bet if the error hadve been a [+] he wouldnt have complained! ignorance is bliss holds in court dont it? :)

  rdave13 01:27 31 Dec 2008

Beg to differ. "I'm prepared to bet that if any of you got a statement showing this.."
Load of twaddle.
If reality isn't your style then so be it.
"£100bn in the red...".

  laurie53 08:24 31 Dec 2008

"holds in court dont it? :)"


  newman35 08:46 31 Dec 2008

First, I did not disparage care-workers, the point I was making was that being in such a responsible and demanding job, then it beggars belief that he did not just take one look at his 'billions' overdrawn and laugh. How could any sensible person not? He is after compo for an obvious error that any fool would understand.

Second, it would not be a 'banker' that got it wrong but a software engineer -(maybe he was unaccountable!!).

Third, if the 'error' had said maybe £5000 overdrawn (a sort-of realistic sum) then stress could possibly be caused. But 'billions' overdrawn - give us a break, or are you into compo culture as well? £10 was more than adequate to cover his costs, and 'stress'.

  The Brigadier 09:21 31 Dec 2008

Heck of a student loan!

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