some times you just have to laugh

  carver 10:03 07 Mar 2013

Ever since this fiasco started enter link description here last year it just gets more and more bizarre.

It started more like the storming of a terrorists hide out enter link description here than the seizure of a bunch of computers.

My daughter lost stuff because of that raid and still hasn't got any of her documents/ photos back.

I know that piracy is wrong but at least you would think that the people who are implementing the law would know the law about what they can do.

  Forum Editor 10:24 07 Mar 2013

The telling comment in your post is "I know that piracy is wrong"

The fact that this man has been told he can sue the New Zealand foreign intelligence service because it illegally spied on him is a separate matter to the central issue, which is that he's accused of facilitating copyright theft to the tune of an estimated £322million.

He knows he'll go to jail for up to 20years if he's convicted in the US. He's denying the charges, which presumably means that he feels he is innocent. If that's the case one wonders why he's so desperate to avoid going to the US - you would have thought he would want to clear his name as soon as possible.

  spuds 10:54 07 Mar 2013

Once again we appear to have two sides to a story, regarding what might be illegal and what might not, depending on how lawyers or governments see it.

The main person involved in this, would no doubt have sought legal advice at the highest level, before he invested large sums of money into the venture. And possibly on the strength of that legal advice, he regards himself and the activities are innocent.

In the particular video clip it was stated that this was a combined effort of more than one nation, which as now been regarded as possibly illegal. When the USA becomes involved, then anything can happen. Trying to prove your innocence can become a rather big honeypot for the legal profession?.

  carver 11:57 07 Mar 2013

**F.E ** part of his argument was that he reported various activities to the US authorities which he thought were wrong, they then told him to leave the items on Megaupload so they could track the items.

The US authorities then used those same items in the case against him.

Now I do not know all the ins and outs of this case but honestly would you go voluntarily to a country that is prepared to use evidence against you that they asked you to keep.

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