Some strange goings on

  namtas 15:33 13 May 2006

The FE first closes a thread to all and gives a very comprehensive reason and then lo and behold by magic it becomes open again for one poster.
pc world no stock

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:44 13 May 2006

It did not become open...if you look at some earlier closings you will notice that there is some time between the FE writing that the thread is closed and the actual closing. Do you believe the Da Vinci code perchance?


  Forum Editor 17:17 13 May 2006

engage brain before operating keyboard.

  SG Atlantis® 18:16 13 May 2006

There's plenty of times where members including me have posted after the FE has decided to close a thread, there is a time delay between him thinking/explaining it and it happening.

So the FE doesn't always get the final word! lol.

  keith-236134 18:42 13 May 2006

I too find some of the thread closures a bit perplexing but there ya go ya cant argue.<|:-(>

  namtas 18:51 13 May 2006

Well, well, and I have been all this time believing that the entry time shown at each posting was when it was actually posted.

  SG Atlantis® 19:00 13 May 2006

"the entry time shown at each posting was when it was actually posted."

That's correct it is.

FE posts at 1300 he's closing the thread, it doesn't actually happen as soon as says that!

at 1303 someone posts, it'll appear after the FE's closure notice.

1306 Thread finally closed.

what don't you understand? there's nothing in it... it's straight forward thinking.

There's a time delay between FE saying he's closing and it finally closing. In that time between those events people can still post.

  namtas 19:18 13 May 2006

Thank you for your explanation however it still remains unclear to me.

FE posts at 1300 he's closing the thread, it doesn't actually happen as soon as says that!>>

If the FE post at 13.00 surely the facilty to post dissapear as the thread is locked immedietly at 13.00 when he places the posting, is that not the object of the exercise to lock and prevent any future posts. certainly as far as I have seen the response box dissapears at that time.

  VoG II 19:30 13 May 2006

namtas, you seem to think that the FE is an automaton. In fact he's a human being like the rest of us but a better Forum Editor than any of us are likely to be.

Anyway, he posts that he is locking the thread. Then he might have other things to do or something interrupts him or whatever, then he locks the thread. In the meantime there may have been additional posts.

  De Marcus™ 19:32 13 May 2006

I would have thought a more logical explanation would be that the thread is locked immediately, however those still viewing it whilst this is carried out, or typing as it's done still get their message through as the page their viewing at that moment in time isn't locked, but is thereafter leaving or posting. I think that makes sense, does to me anyway ;-)

  SG Atlantis® 19:32 13 May 2006

Obviously I have never seen or actually know what specifically happens.

But a logical explanation would be he first posts (doesn't always) an explanation of why he's closing and then goes about closing it. As I said in between those times of the explanation and closure people can still post.

I guess when he posts telling you he's locking it, he actually has to go about locking it afterwards.

As I said I have never seen or actually know the procedure, but that's my guess at what happens.

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