some of my best friends are

  Colin 12:09 29 May 2007

"some of my best friends are American, black, vegetarian, Jehovah Witnesses etc, etc". How often do you hear that? The examples I've used are just random, not specific. How many "best" friends do people have? This implies that the people who say this must have hundreds of friends and lots of "best" friends. I can count on the fingers of one hand how many proper friends I have and none is regarded as a best friend. I assume many people class associates, work colleagues, acquaintances, contemporaries, friends’ friends and their partners as friends. I can’t think of any more synonyms!

  Kate B 12:13 29 May 2007

I've got loads of friends, all of whom I'd count as "proper" friends, plus a much wider ecosystem of people I know and am friendly with but wouldn't tell my darkest secrets to.

A quick squint at my Facebook page tells me I have 57 friends, about 40 of whom I'd count as "proper"; and I have lots of "proper" friends who aren't on Facebook.

A gang of about 30 of us all shares one email address which we use for arranging parties, meals, birthdays etc. That's important glue between us. Guess I'm lucky!

  Colin 12:15 29 May 2007

You must be lucky! How do you keep track of all their birthdays, memorable events etc?

  Kate B 12:19 29 May 2007

Outlook is a wonderful thing ... and we all remind each other of things, too. The email address is very important in that.

When it's someone's birthday in the group of 30, someone - their partner if they have one, their closest friend in the crowd - organises everyone else chipping in a few quid for a joint birthday present. For my birthday I had a very generous contribution to my DSLR; while last week we all bought one of our number a very beautiful handbag.

  TalYasis 12:25 29 May 2007

Sorry I could not be doing with all that nonsense.

Any more than a couple of real mates and I really don't want to know.The rest are simply "all right mate"s.

  donki 12:31 29 May 2007

I play quite a bit of sport and have other hobbies that I do regularly and Id classify most of the people I see during that time as my fiends. As you say Colin the people you talk to in work most I wouldnt say are my friends I just talk to them to pass the day (is that mean?), but there are a few who you will "click" with and see socially. Looking thourough my phone contacts, all geekaly devided into subgroups :), I have 250 contacts and id say 35 id classify as close friends and 10 as best mates. Closest to the guys and girls i grew up with I suppose. The other 205 I probably dont know who half of them are or have just havent been in contact with.

  Colin 12:36 29 May 2007

I'm in the same boat as TalYasis on this one. I just couldn't handle that amount of friends. However, if you're a social animal, that's great, but it's not for me.

  Belatucadrus 15:45 29 May 2007

What exactly are "friends" ?

  MichelleC 17:06 29 May 2007

I would classify my friends as being those that are there for me in a supportive way when life isn't going according to plan and visa versa. But there's lots of 'fairweather' friends around.

  Kate B 17:08 29 May 2007

I think that's one good definition, though it's only one. Friends for me are people I enjoy being with, who I trust, who trust me, who I confide in, who confide in me - I guess it comes down to a mutuality of like and trust. And love - you can love your friends, and I certainly would say I love many of mine.

  MrNerdy 17:11 29 May 2007

My 'real' friends are those who when i was ill a few years ago were their to help & offer advice and to get be legless when i needed to be, but like then, they still keep an ear or eye out for me now.

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