Some great New Tecnology

  finerty 10:03 13 Jun 2012

TFL needs to listen to this and implement it ino the bus services instead of relying on water fuel.

GoodGreen Clean Bus

  spuds 10:31 13 Jun 2012

Sounds like a good idea, but if it runs the same way as our local 'Park and Ride', then its not going to pay its way. Its very heavily subsidised with very little passenger flow.

Most of our local bus companies are already taking action, on reducing services, changing or removing routes, increasing prices and in general upsetting the public by their actions.

  canarieslover 11:00 13 Jun 2012

As good an idea as it seems it still won't generate a profit for the company running them. A 'Park n Ride' scheme is just about the best use for any bus as the termini are exactly where passengers want them to be, i.e., right by their car at one end and right by the shops at the other end. The only problem is that any heavy shopping has to be lugged on and off the bus as well as in and out of the car when you get home. I have used the Coventry 'Park n Ride' and even on a Saturday it wasn't carrying that many passengers and it may get a few more for the novelty factor of the new buses, but only until the novelty wears off. For any other route it will still face the same problems as any other bus, people will only use them if the Bus Stop is close to home and it runs directly to where they want to go. Before I retired I worked 7.5 miles from home and the bus journey there was a nightmare to be avoided at all cost. Car journey was 15 minutes, bicycle was 30 minutes and the bus journey meant three different buses with a half mile walk to Bus Stop from home and three quarters of a mile walk at work end and a total time approaching 2 hours. It wouldn't have mattered what type of bus was provided I still would not have used it.

  Chegs ®™ 11:48 13 Jun 2012

I can't recall how many years ago I last used a bus,despite having a Bus Stop at the end of my road and the route is supplied with buses every 10-15 minutes.The journey into town would possibly only take 15 minutes,but so does the walk and if I was going to be transporting heavy items,the walk from the supermarket to a Bus Stop for the bus home is almost as far as the walk from the supermarket to home.Thats not the Bus companys fault,the layout of the streets in the town centre are the problem & that was designed back in Georgian times,though modern council planners have meddled with the traffic flow making a ring road that is only accessible from either side of the town(if you approach from the wrong side & wish to get to the opposite side of town,then a complete circuit is neccessary as the crisscrossing streets are all one way,the wrong way)

  morddwyd 18:29 13 Jun 2012

We had electric buses in the last century.

They were called trolley buses.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:38 13 Jun 2012

How can electric vehicles be considered green when most of the electricity, generated in the UK, still requires the burning of fossil fuels? Then consider the materials and energy required to produce the batteries. Until batteries are more efficient and longer lasting, and a much greater proportion of our energy for generating electricity comes from renewable sources, the whole electric is green idea is bull.

In the meantime vehicles need to be built lighter and more aerodynamic to save fuel. There is still much being gained, right now, in making internal combustion engines more efficient. furthermore more and more diesels, including buses, are being fitted with particulate filters, removing the problem of, carcinogenic, pm10 particulate emissions.

  Quickbeam 19:48 13 Jun 2012

My father was a Coventry boy and used to tell me of the trolley buses and how if a driver went off route, he was suddenly stranded without the overhead lines!

  Aitchbee 20:53 13 Jun 2012

I was on the Number 2 bus this morning (Glasgow southside), the bus service/route will be stopped very soon....I noticed that the bus-ride was very shaky/ if the bus knew it's working days were coming to an end.

  john bunyan 21:45 13 Jun 2012

Electric vehicles will not be green until carbon capture at power stations becomes developed - otherwise, as Mr Mistoffelees says , you just transfer the road emissions to the power station. Carbon capture should be greatly accelerated. I remember trolley buses and trams very well.

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