Some Clarification on Mrs Assad, Please.

  morddwyd 20:35 23 Mar 2012

I understand the EU has placed an entry ban on President's Assad's wife.

Perfectly proper, and part of the increased sanctions.

However, she cannot be banned from the UK because she is a UK citizen.

Surely, then, as a UK citizen, she is permitted free travel within the EU?

If Lithuanian rapists or Rumanian ATM skimmers have right of entry here, she should have right of entry there?

This has nothing to do with human rights, or even Syria.

Either the Schengen rules apply to everyone, or they don't apply at all.

  OTT_B 20:44 23 Mar 2012

The UK isn't part of the Schengen arrangement.

The government can revoke her passport. This would prevent her from boarding a UK bound plane from most countries. But if she did manage to reach UK shores, she can rightly claim that she is a British citizen and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop her entering......unless the government passes a specific legislation, targeted at her, to revoke her citizenship. Then, and only then, can she be refused entry into the UK.

Being a citizen of the UK trumps the EU travel restrictions placed on her, but she wouldn't then be able to travel onto elsewhere in the EU.

  Condom 20:51 23 Mar 2012

I think you have now got me as confused as you might be.

Mrs Assad is still a UK Citizen as I don't believe she revoked it. She is therefore entitled to come to the UK. We are not part of the Schengen agreement so she is not covered by it or the rules.

If she still wishes to come to the UK to spend on her husband's behalf then I'm not sure what we could do as the chancer will no doubt appreciate every penny.

How she gets here is another question, as she would have to travel via another country but I'm pretty sure that woud not be an obsticle to her.

  OTT_B 20:53 23 Mar 2012

"If she still wishes to come to the UK to spend on her husband's behalf..."

Then she's in for a shock. All her (known) assets in the UK have been frozen!

  john bunyan 20:55 23 Mar 2012

She cannot spend her husband's money or hers as their assets have been frozen. What gets me is that if a foreigner marries a uk citizen they can become British. Why isn't Mrs Assad a Syrian?

  Aitchbee 21:02 23 Mar 2012

Why can't Mrs Assad, just put her feet up, in her nice abode, wherever that is, and say to someone in charge, 'it's Ok, I've decided to call off my visit to Britain, as it will upset a lot of nice people who work at the immigration office" ...problem solved.

  Wilham 22:16 23 Mar 2012

morddwyd... You present an interesting argument. I suggest it rests on the assumption that the rights of a UK Citizen are inalienable under our legal system. But if this were true there would be no electronic tagging of a citizen by order from a Crown Court of Justice in the UK. We know this happens. That Parliament can legaiize restriction of movement in the UK shows it is also capable of insituting further movement control orders to comply with wishes of the EU.

  Forum Editor 22:33 23 Mar 2012

The Home Secretary has the power to deprive someone of British citizenship if it is considered to be 'conducive to the public good'. This sanction is provided by the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act, and so far it has never been used.

I'm quite sure that the subject is occupying the minds of the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary right now. The caveat to the power to deprive is that it should not be exercised if as a consequence the individual concerned would become stateless.

The right of a UK citizen to enter the country are not inalienable - they may be withdrawn under certain circumstances, and this may be considered to be just such a circumstance.

  morddwyd 22:52 23 Mar 2012

Sorry, I confused the issue by referring to Schengen, which does not apply.

However, the normal right of freedom of travel of EU citizens within the EU does apply, and if the EU can ban our citizens, married to undesirables or not, we should be able to ban theirs.

  john bunyan 22:59 23 Mar 2012

" should be able to ban theirs" We can.The Home Secretary can ban EU people, even MP's! One example:

  Forum Editor 23:08 23 Mar 2012


Any sovereign state within the EU has the right to prohibit the entry of anyone who poses a threat to its public security.

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