Solar powered cat deterrents, how effective?.

  Toneman 10:36 04 Apr 2017

There seem to be a lot of these available, but I wonder how effective they are, has anyone experience of any particular models?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:45 04 Apr 2017

Don't work.

Get some lion (or other big cat) poo.

  Toneman 13:25 04 Apr 2017

Thanks,it's cat poo I'm trying to get rid of..

  iscanut 13:26 04 Apr 2017

Lion's poo is supposed to act as a deterrent to cats although I have not tried it.

  bumpkin 13:37 04 Apr 2017

Thanks,it's cat poo I'm trying to get rid of..

In that case try dogs poo, that may deter them.

  wee eddie 13:51 04 Apr 2017

A Super Soaker (Mega Water pistol with a range of 10 yards or more) could deter the wee fellows, without injuring them.

  bremner 16:40 04 Apr 2017

Exactly what is it that solar powered cats deter?

  Toneman 17:29 04 Apr 2017

Obviously I should have put the word "cat" before the word "solar", to satisfy grammar purists... I shall sit in the garden with my pipes to see if that's effective...

  BT 17:40 04 Apr 2017

Although I am a cat 'slave', I've heard that something like Deep Heat spray applied to old dried out tea bags and scattered around the garden will deter cats. They don't like the smell (who does?). They aren't too keen on citrus either so orange peel might work, strategically placed.

  Toneman 18:01 04 Apr 2017

BT Thanks, but I'm just looking for some sort of thing that can be set up and left...

  bumpkin 18:07 04 Apr 2017

Razor wire.

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