Solar Panels and feed-in tariffs

  mbc 19:03 15 Nov 2015

I know this subject has been raised before, but it is a little while since, so please excuse any repetition. Has anyone any experience of this, or has any advice? I am having a rep around tomorrow to inspect and quote.

  Forum Editor 19:21 15 Nov 2015
  csqwared 20:22 15 Nov 2015
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:06 15 Nov 2015

Looked into it

needed to live in house for next 30 yrs to get back what I pay for panels, never mind any saving.

  Graham* 09:59 16 Nov 2015

My solar panels are generating 1.5Kw at the moment. My energy usage is .25Kw.

  spuds 15:23 16 Nov 2015

Probably a little late with a response, but I have just checked with a couple of neighbour's who had their solar systems installed, when the government first gave incentives to the various schemes, and made an attempt to get people to use solar power.

Both neighbour's had the same 'approved' company, and everything was at no cost. They are both very happy with the results at present, and have both stated that their bills have reduced.

But I have also learned, that some people are not so happy, but I think this was more to do with the installation company, that they chose at the time. Sadly, we went on the calculations we had at the early beginnings, and they just didn't seem possible, so that put paid to solar panels on our property. Still a niggling feeling as to whether we made the right decision, and perhaps especially more so now, after listening to the two neighbour's earlier today.

One thing that I have noticed in my area, is that some properties have panels front and rear, when others only have either front or rear. Don't know the reason why, but perhaps something the installer's recommended.

Another thing that I have noticed, is some council housing, had solar panels installed, and some of these have since been removed. Again I do not know why, but suspect that somewhere along the way, the council picked up on something!.

I forget which country it involved, possibly Norway or Sweden, but safety for fire officer's was discussed at high levels regarding possible incidents and safety. Just looked up Google, and perhaps there is something from one of the links, that might be worth looking into further click here

  Forum Editor 15:49 16 Nov 2015

"One thing that I have noticed in my area, is that some properties have panels front and rear, when others only have either front or rear. Don't know the reason why, but perhaps something the installer's recommended."

To my mind, nothing looks worse than a roof that is virtually covered with solar panels. I go to Aylesbury on business from time to time, and as you enter the outskirts there's a house that has the front roof pitch entirely covered with panels. It looks absolutely hideous. It must considerably reduce its potential sale value.

The panels obviously need to be sited where they will get the maximum amount of sunlight, so that has a bearing on which roof pitch is used.

You also need to comply with building regulations, particularly with regard to roof loadings, Sometimes that prohibits putting panels on both roof pitches. Roofs that were designed to carry slates will have smaller section rafters than those which were designed for clay or concrete tiles, and loadings must be reduced accordingly.

In some cases, it can be necessary to provide additional strength for the rafters, and this is done by bolting new timbers onto the existing rafters. The last thing you want is a sagging roof pitch - it will cause no end of problems down the line.

Lastly, any electrical connections must, of course, comply with building regs.

  bumpkin 16:02 16 Nov 2015

No way I would have them despite the sales spiel.

Hideous things and too long a payback time even without considering maintenance or how your money could be otherwise invested. I agree with Fruit Bat and FE on this one.

  mbc 18:22 16 Nov 2015

Not a very interesting conclusion, I'm afraid. Lady for company phoned to say the salesman was ill. I took the opportunity to cancel the appointment. Have been reading more on the web, and I was aware that feed-in tariffs were to be reduced dramatically, but the Gov are shifting the goal posts and they may be stopped in the future, despite customers being assured that they were for life.

  bumpkin 19:39 16 Nov 2015

mbc, a lucky escape in my opinion.

  bumpkin 19:46 16 Nov 2015

I once let an alarm salesman call when I was younger and more naïve 2 and a half hours he was here despite me declining all the amazing offers and suggesting that he was wasting both of our time. I had to be blatantly rude in the end until he finally went giving me a tirade of abuse whilst doing so.

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