Soft on drugs, Soft on the causes of drugs

  WhiteTruckMan 14:17 27 Jan 2010

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Just what the heck do some people have to do to get sent to prison?


  Brumas 14:27 27 Jan 2010

For once, words fail me!!!!

  john bunyan 14:35 27 Jan 2010

A pity he was not on his way in to Singapore or China wearing that coat....

  donki 14:47 27 Jan 2010

13 wraps of heroin and he get charged with possession with intent to supply, I am no drug user but that seems like alot. Its hard to believe also that he is taking whatever drug treatment he is gettign seriously. Its gettign farcical how many times he is getting caught without any jail time,its a great image to be sending out to the public.

Its a really sad to see if im being honest, I used to be a big fan of his music and he had real talant.

  sunnystaines 16:03 27 Jan 2010

drug dealers ruin lives. It seems only the far east knows this and deals with them in a suitable way.

We must be the softest country in the world when it comes to dealing with criminals perhaps that is why we have so much crime.

  Monoux 16:16 27 Jan 2010

sunnystaines -- spot on

  Monoux 16:29 27 Jan 2010

13 Wraps of heroin in his coat pocket -- for his own use -- yeah right.

Anyone in their right mind would have difficulty accepting these were probably for his own use ergo he was probably dealing and that is why he should be locked up - along with all other dealers.

It is beyond reasonbable doubt that dealers ruin lives,despite what some posters on here would have you believe

  donki 16:37 27 Jan 2010

That was what I tried to say but failed miserably!

  Monoux 20:37 27 Jan 2010

fourm member - once again I refer you to item 4 of the forum rules and ask you to stop calling people stupid just because they don't agree to your views on something.

And why is it you can refer to the Daily Mail, which you regularly slag off and put people down about when it suits you.

  sunnystaines 21:20 27 Jan 2010

are you suggesting all drugs be licensed like fags and booze?

  interzone55 21:37 27 Jan 2010

Drugs are more readily available in most prisons than on the streets, putting him in jail would demonstrate a similar level of stupidity as when Tony Wilson sent the Happy Mondays to Jamaica to record an album - band full of heavy drug users meet island full of industrial strength ganja and streets awash with crack, lets see what happens...

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