interzone55 16:09 14 Jun 2011

I love this new word, basically the act of playing music in public places on a tinny mobile phone speaker.

BBC Magazine Article

I'll not ask anyone their opinion of this practice, as I'm fairly sure what you will all think, but I was interested to read that musical style has changed recently because of the way kids consume music these days, and Hip Hop and R&B, traditionally bass heavy styles, are now recorded with more treble to accommodate listening on the tiny speakers of a mobile...

  wiz-king 16:38 14 Jun 2011

Any comment I could make would incur the wrath of the FE.

  interzone55 17:22 14 Jun 2011


Which is the main reason I have not invited comments on the practice.

In reality though, it's merely a continuation of trend that started with portable transistor radios in the 50's, just the style of music as changed.

as the guardian journalist said - teenagers are insecure, so they need to mark their territory with audio wee like a tomcat...

  peter99co 17:56 14 Jun 2011

I have not come across this yet because I live a sheltered life but do remember the GhettoBlasters in the past.

They also developed your arm and shoulder muscles ;o)


  octal 21:45 14 Jun 2011


You need to travel on a London bus, you often get the obligatory IQ0 Hoodie on the top deck who thinks it's 'cool', I'd like, better not put that, I'll get banned.

  proudfoot 12:51 15 Jun 2011

I agree. His comments quite often are his personal view. If he has a comment to make on a subject he should do it anonamously with a separate user name. A Forum Editor is there to monitor and comment/remove abusive or libelous etc. content not give authority to his persomal views.

  Algerian peter 13:20 15 Jun 2011


Are insinuating He and Him are the same one?

Totally shocking!!!!!!!!!

  proudfoot 14:04 15 Jun 2011

Algerian peter I am not sure to what you are referring to in my post. I did consider stating he/she and his her but decided not to. I assumed the editor was male, if not I aplologise. Apologising or admitting an error is not what many these days are willing to do. Is this political correctness gone mad. Rightly or wrongly I was trying to get a point across not to pass an english grammar examination. My grammar and spelling is pretty good having attended school 55 years ago when pupils were taught the subject they were studying not just to pass examinations to boost the league table position. My grammer and spelling would put many people much younger than my self to shame. If I have made a spelling or a grammar mistake once again I apologise. On second inspection of my original post it was not clear I was agreeing with wizz-king.

  interzone55 14:43 15 Jun 2011


FE is male.

He's allowed his opinion, and it would be entirely unfair if he posted opinion under an anonymous account rather than the FE account, as he would be able to spout whatever he liked with impunity...

  Algerian peter 14:52 15 Jun 2011

The inclusion of

On second inspection of my original post it was not clear I was agreeing with wizz-king.

Now makes your posting more clearer.

  proudfoot 15:35 16 Jun 2011

The FE has "two hats", one official one personal. I do not wish to criticise the FEs personal opinions, those are his choice as the rest of us on this site, but I feel they should not give the impression they are the opinion of the magazine however unitentioned which I am sure is the case.

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