Social web sites can damage your job chances

  anskyber 10:41 01 Jul 2007

in the USA at least. click here Is this something which worries you or are you happy for your personality to shine through and be chosen on merit and perhaps because you have "character"?

Should we be concerned or is this just part of life these days?

  Kate B 11:47 01 Jul 2007

I think you have to be a bit careful about what you put out there about yourself: Facebook etc are also used by journalists picking up information about people in the news. My personal website has pictures of family stuff, fun and revelry that are private to me, my family and my friends: the url is only available to them and Google only throws up a generic test page.

  Forum Editor 12:09 01 Jul 2007

are very popular, but my personal opinion is that they'll have an early burn-out. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with friends and colleagues without publishing lots of personal information on the internet.

Sites like Facebook are extremely security concious, and I'm not for a moment suggesting that they would knowingly compromise anyone's personal data, but I know enough about the internet to have reason to be slightly concerned. I certainly wouldn't think of putting anything out there that could identify me uniquely to a total stranger.

  Kate B 12:17 01 Jul 2007

Hm, I think social networking is a whole new paradigm that's here to stay. Not all sites will survive, obviously, but I think a few will. People spend so much time online these days that it's inevitable they'll use the computer to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. I think there will also be a churn as the next good thing comes along. A few years ago Friends Reunited was all the rage. I had a look at it last night and realised that lots of profiles hadn't been updated for a couple of years. Now most of my friends are on Facebook.

what I think people like about this kind of thing is the way you can see the connections between people. click here This is my Facebook Friend Wheel, which maps connections between the people I'm friends with, and I'm fascinated by it - I've spent ages poring over it. It's this kind of thing, I think, that will keep people interested.

  Forum Editor 12:22 01 Jul 2007

Precisely, and in a few years time I believe we'll be saying the same thing about Facebook and its like.

That isn't to say these sites don't have value, they have attracted a massive audience in a short space of time, but I believe they'll fade fairly rapidly.

What would really fascinate me is to see some statistics on male/female access figures.

  Kate B 12:49 01 Jul 2007

My point is that the sites themselves might fade but the paradigm will survive. It's inevitable that something new and better will come along, but the impulse to network online is there and it's not going away, and there's a lot of money to be made in feeding that impulse.

  Nibblerman 13:04 01 Jul 2007

Good Thread anskyber i think the way around this is to have multiple email addresses like i have & that way people have FAR less chance of knowing who you realy are..

  spuds 13:05 01 Jul 2007

The forum editor stated " I certainly wouldn't think of putting anything out there that could identify me uniquely to a total stranger". But FE, haven't you and many other forum members have already done this, in your/their daily postings!.

Its no surprise what can be obtained by a small amount of investigative means from internet activities past and present. Personally being older and perhaps slightly wiser, with a limited life span, the 'what we must find out' era has very little concern to me or anyone else in similar circumstances.

Still like the old days, when you looked someone in the eye, and their history unfolded :O)

  georgemac © 15:11 01 Jul 2007

well I did a google search for myself and found nothing - so I guess I will be OK then?

Don't have bebo, facebook or myspace

  anskyber 13:01 02 Jul 2007

A slight hijack of my own thread. Are your online friends real? it seems that some are even paid to pretend to be others, oh well. click here

  Kate B 13:10 02 Jul 2007

Ah, Rory did follow up on that story! (he's a friend of mine and we talked - on Facebook, of course - about whether he was going to do it or not).

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