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  bremner 22:28 31 May 2012

Can I suggest that PCA. start a Social Network forum so that posters can discuss their personal, social and medical problems and those who have no interest can ignore that forum.

  bremner 07:25 01 Jun 2012

I started this thread after seeing yet another "personal thread" had been started. I may be alone in this, but I have no interest in reading about others personal, social or medical issues. At the same time I am frustrated by how many meaningless, inane postings are being made to otherwise sensible threads.

It seemed to me that together this may be why some threads are being locked, something I have to say I welcomed.

I have had, along with many, run ins with the FE over the last ten years. However I respect the way that he has generally managed the forums. I have not come across another forum of similar size so well administered; no bad language and no serious flaming or abuse. I do not recognise much of the criticism of recent days and think it is unjustified.

The suggestion of a Social Networking forum was made facetiously and intended to highlight the direction I believed speakers corner was headed. I remember The Lounge and its demise, it would be very sad if Speakers Corner went that way.

Can I suggest that we all make an effort to get things back on kilter. Can we think, before opening threads and to me, more importantly, refrain from inane, cryptic left field postings, that are made with no thought to other posters and seemingly with no thought to their context in a thread.

Don't get me wrong, I like the jokey, humourous threads that occasionally pop up, I love the Identification threads on Friday nights, I like the cut and thrust of sensible debate. It would be sad if we only talked about computers.

I think that it - Now to start a thread on should hanging be brought back as an annual christmas event for tinned tomato eating, u turn making politicians.

  Aitchbee 08:03 01 Jun 2012

ed-0 - you said:-

The threads and postings that have been removed if any kind of decent is shown. They are removed and therefore do not exist like shopgirl's posting.

It was not Shopgirl but Covergirl who showed a bit of dissent.

  birdface 08:23 01 Jun 2012

We have heard about the rules of the forum but sometimes on special occasions the rules have to be broken.

On this occasion I would say yes and open morddwyd's first post and let it run it's course.

It was harmless and he had a dream.

Those folk north of the border had a dream as well but alas it was not to be.

[Video runs on a bit ] And probably it is probably not for those south of the border.

Although the Scottish dream never came true morddwyd's dream may still have a chance.

So c'mon FE kid on you are the Chancellor and do U-Turn,Not for the sake of the country but for the sake of the Forum.

Let us know that you are not actually a machine and that you may even be human.

I think I have said enough on this subject, when I think something is not quite right I try and fix it but I do not have the power to do so on this occasion.So will just have to let it run it's course and see what happens.

  Input Overload 08:28 01 Jun 2012

FE, is it my imagination or have you not locked a thread of your own in the last two years?

I have looked but maybe the forum system might not show administrators threads differently.

From my view the Lounge was very similar to Speakers Corner & as I remember the FE had no intentions of anything like the Lounge returning?

  Aitchbee 08:30 01 Jun 2012

buteman - can I give you a hug now...or later ;o]

  Input Overload 08:49 01 Jun 2012

Some contributions on Speakers Corner are used both on the main site & in the magazines such as the surveys but also other threads such as internet speed etc. Threads such as ‘which web browser do you use' never seem to get locked regardless of how much drivel & ramblings they end up with.

I respond to such threads because it's useful to the magazine, I feel locking the thread on dreams in the way it was done was not on.

With respect the comments by you Peter Thomas were made in public therefore it not beyond logic that they should be discussed in public but I really wonder Peter if you have that in you, either backing down that is & or apologising without a 'but' in the sentence. I have no malice to anyone BTW.

  birdface 09:01 01 Jun 2012


I think all of us over 70s should be barred from getting the Red Padlock as we can't remember posting in the first place.

All I can say is different people find different subjects enjoyable and join in. What is boring to some may not be boring to others.

I also like it to be funny with the odd joke.I always open AitchBEE's posts as you never know what he is going to come out with next,

I get a laugh at most of his quips but sometimes don't catch on with some of the others.

I know there is a message in there somewhere but sometimes it is lost to me.

Like all others I do agree with the red Padlock and there must be a fine line between blocking or not.

Your idea was a good one where anyone could go without the fear of the red padlock providing it was conducted properly.

If a thread has not been answered within a week close it.

Just somewhere you can talk about what you want and when you put the green tick on it as resolved it should automatically be closed.

I have a look round the forum to see if there is anyone i can help which is not very often nowadays but usually end up back in speakers corner to read some of the posts.If I have something similar to say I join in.

If it is boring or argumentative I usually try to avoid those but it doesn't always happen that way.

  spuds 09:44 01 Jun 2012

Once again I find it very strange as to what people want or possibly demand compared to others?.

Let's face it, the PC Advisor forum is a good mixture of people offering what they have to offer, whether that's opinions. personal experiences, help or whatever. Yet at the same time, it would appear that some member's regard other member's contributions perhaps not 'graduate' enough, and as such not on their wavelength and so possibly that other person's contributions should be banned, deleted or locked. There is nothing wrong with having that personal view, but at the same time they should perhaps consider more, that there are forums that do cater specially for those type of debates, and I am sure if its that important, then solace can be found there?.

Like everyone else, I have had more than my fair share of 'bad taste or rather abrupt' comments from the Forum Editor, to the point that I was becoming paranoid. Thinking (and possibly seeing!) that he was constantly picking out individual's who had perhaps upset him (or other's)in some way, I being one of chosen few.

Being told that you are stupid or similar on an open forum, is not the way forward, if its intended as an insult or 'put-down' due to a superior or arrogant attitude, and being protected by a monitor screen perhaps encourages this?.

In the possible remark buteman made about AitchBEE 'comedy acts', then I see no harm in them, because they can 'break the ice' so to say. But if one would take the time, we have had similar AichBEE's banned in the past, because the forum editor "had had enough", which possibly brings the 'pointless' back into the equation, and how this forum should or needs to progress. I really wouldn't know the answer to that, because I haven't written the rule book.

Well I must end my opinion or comments now, as like morddwyd today, I have hospital appointments to attend. Funny thing what life does to you, when you get older and perhaps less wiser and possibly more lonely, and the PCA website as been your baby for 10 years or so?.

  Woolwell 11:47 01 Jun 2012

I am in complete agreement with bremner.

I think that most of those are post are remarkably tolerant, more so than myself. I can take AitchBEE's postings in small doses but there is a limit.

  lotvic 11:57 01 Jun 2012

Try idf50

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