Is social media to thank for low teen pregnancy ra

  Cymro. 11:36 28 Mar 2018

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The computer and digital age we live in is blamed for all sort of things but here is I think we will all agree some good news. If the social media brings down the number of teenage pregnancies then surely it must be a good thing.

  Aitchbee 14:58 28 Mar 2018

Social media has directly increased the occurences of depression and anxiety especially in young people, according to this report [see below]. So it's not exactly a 'good thing', is it?

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  Old Deuteronomy 20:33 28 Mar 2018

Too busy poking a screen to poke something more interesting?

  Al94 21:30 28 Mar 2018

I think many find a "release" on line but it does add to social isolation which is a big minus.

  Menzie 23:51 28 Mar 2018

All pregnancy is down, it doesn't surprise me.

With housing prices at an all time high, the cost of daycare spiralling out of control, and not to mention when things don't work out between a couple a legal battle usually ensues.

Then you have a volatile job market where companies go under quicker than you can blink.

In addition to that there has been education on pregnancy which also appears to be helping.

I don't think social media has helped personally as many celebrities have made pregnancy seem almost like a trend. Particularly those posing nude and showing off baby bumps. I think the other factors I've mentioned have been more effective.

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