Social Inclusion in Housing .....

  oresome 17:31 27 Mar 2019

but not extended to the children's play area.

Developers are obliged to provide "affordable housing" in many projects to promote social inclusion, so it goes against the grain to then have segregated play areas for the children of the haves and have nots.

What complicates matters is that one group of residents pay for their children's play area through a supplementary service charge whereas the other group don't.

The developer in this case has bowed to public and political pressure and all children will now be allowed to use the facilities.

My question is how far to we take this? I've previously read of cases where social tenants have been excluded from private gyms and swimming pools etc. that are financed by service charges levied on the private tenants.

The taxpayer would probably not be too happy to subsidise such facilities for social tenants so where is the cut off point?


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  lotvic 18:29 28 Mar 2019

I have mixed views on this. I can see that there could be problems/objections from both sides. IMHO to make playground not only available but also safe, depends on the behaviour of the residents. Perhaps more thought at the planning stage should go into these types of mixed housing.

Near where I live there is newly built social housing on one side of a play area and established privately owned housing on the other side. Since the social housing development the play area has become a no-go for decent people due to intimidation, bad language and needles, condoms, alcohol, cigarette debris, dog dirt and litter. Of course it is not Politically Correct to point the finger at the culprits. Social Inclusion...?

  wee eddie 21:14 28 Mar 2019
  lotvic 21:39 28 Mar 2019

wee eddie, looks intriguing, I'll attempt to get hold of the book/ or watch the film.

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