So, you think you alone use your computer

  TOPCAT® 16:06 17 Mar 2005

Not necessarily so according to this article. click here

"Especially coveted were home PCs sitting on broadband connections that are never turned off."

And we thought only dial-up connections had intrusion problems.

Thank goodness I always shutdown when I've finished using my PC. TC.

  Sapins 17:00 17 Mar 2005

As usual journalistic licence,for want of a better word, takes over and frightens everyone out of their hard drive.

I have a broadband connection on 24/7 and intend to keep it that way. All you need is a firewall and anti virus *before* you go online and *maybe* something to stop spyware and you have nothing at all to worry about, unless you visit dodgy sites where you get everything you deserve.

  dan11 17:13 17 Mar 2005

Test your ports. click here
A good indication on how secure you are. Just using Sapins advice can render your computer virtually invisible.

  Sapins 17:24 17 Mar 2005

I'm glad I took my own advice!

Just used your link and got a perfect pass, now there's a first for me:-)

  dan11 18:01 17 Mar 2005

I'm glad I took your advice! lol

perfect pass:)))

  Forum Editor 18:10 17 Mar 2005

I've advised both my clients and forum users not to leave their ADSL modems/routers online constantly.

There's no need for it, and there are obvious security risks associated with the habit. When you aren't using your computer just turn the router off, or disconnect your modem - it takes a couple of seconds and you'll be safer. To say "All you need is a firewall and anti virus ....and maybe something to stop spyware and you have nothing to worry about" isn't strictly true. Any real hacker worth his/her salt would be through the average firewall in a couple of minutes flat. Why give such people all the time in the world, by going shopping and leaving your computer online if you don't have to?

As for rendering your computer virtually invisible - I know a couple of people who would fall about laughing at the thought.

  stalion 18:12 17 Mar 2005

I already have shields up and scan every now and again very good program.It tells me my pc does not exist on the Internet,lovely jubbly

  TOPCAT® 18:15 17 Mar 2005

a firewall and AV software, which I again have confirmed at the site, I have always shutdown my internet connection after use. Ever since I was on dial-up I knew, in my case, another fourty-nine users could be online at the same time.

Closing my connection when not in use allows that bit more bandwith for the others, thereby helping to keep their speed up. Probably not necessary now with broadband, but I like to think I'm doing something that may help others.

I posted the article in the hope that others without protection might take note of what can happen. The severity of attempted unlawful intrusion to a user's PC is increasing rapidly, so they had better take measures to stop it before it's too late. TC.

  josie mayhem 20:23 17 Mar 2005

If 'they' steal my indentity, does that mean that I can create a nice new one? Where I have loads of money, don't to get up half way through the night to go and earn a living?

  CurlyWhirly 21:20 17 Mar 2005

Any real hacker worth his/her salt would be through the average firewall in a couple of minutes flat.

I thought that I read a thread by Gandalf saying that a firewall wasn't necessary, as most hackers don't target home PC's?
They prefer to target sites like online banks, for example, where there is something to be gained.

  Sapins 22:26 17 Mar 2005

OK, has anyone on these forums been hacked, does anyone know of anyone who has been hacked, has anyone read of anyone with a home computer who has been hacked?

I leave my computer on in case anyone leaves me a free download;-)

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