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So would you return and pay?

  oresome 16:13 04 Jul 2019

A restaurant in Liverpool is complaining that following a fire alarm and evacuation of the building, many diners didn't return to finish their meal and pay for it.

I think before we condemn people for being dishonest there are many quite a few factors to consider. Here are a few:

How far through the meal were they if indeed they had received anything?

How long did the evacuation last?

Was the food on the table to be discarded and remade and how long was it likely to take?

Had the diners some other appointment to keep.

Did it spoil the diners evening, or would it have done had they hung about outside for an indeterminate time.

Perhaps some diners were celebrating a special event which was ruined and one they'll never get back and believe they deserve compensation from the restaurant.


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  Old Deuteronomy 18:43 04 Jul 2019

I think it is entirely reasonable to expect people to pay for food they have eaten, failure to do so is theft. As for food they were not able to eat, due to circumstances beyond customer's control, I should think that is something for insurance to deal with.

  Old Deuteronomy 18:47 04 Jul 2019

Edit: Read the OP again. Agree that returning to finish would depend on how long people were kept outside.

  Forum Editor 19:34 04 Jul 2019

"Mr Hesketh said after the evacuation was over, staff went above and beyond to re-cook all customers' meals and offered a discount on their bills."

Only a small number of customers reappeared.

This incident serves to illustrate how in this day and age lots of people feel no moral pressure to play fair. The fire alarm going off was not the customers' fault, but it was not the restaurant's fault either, it affected all of the restaurants along the Albert dock.

I think I would at least have had the good manners to go back and give them a second chance, or ask if i owed anything, or say I was sorry, rather than just walking off. Some of the people who did that must have eaten some, if not all their meal, and certainly there would have been alcohol consumed - they can't all have just sat down.

  morddwyd 10:29 06 Jul 2019

Think themselves they are not being used for a ruined dare, particularly it was a promising one, and PTSD!

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