So why does a service and MOT take all day

  carver 07:03 08 Mar 2015

So why does a service and MOT take all day when these mechanics can do all that in 3 hours, or they phone to say they need to order a part and your car will be ready in a week.

  bumpkin 14:25 08 Mar 2015

I am lucky on this issue, MOT station about 3mins walk from my house. I can drive in any time with no booking and they will "fit it in" normally less than an hour then they bring it back,put it on my driveway and give me the certificate and my keys. I can go and pay them in the next few days. Anything wrong and they will phone me before issuing a failure cert and I can go and discuss it with them, if it is something like a gaitor or ball joint or anything else not clearly visible they will put it up on the lift while I walk over so that they can show me. If I want to take it away while they get the parts then I can do and they will phone me (normally same or next day)when they have them No payment made at this stage.Excellent service to my mind.

  Ex plorer 15:18 08 Mar 2015

I take mine in at 8.00am 4 miles away I tell them to put right whats wrong and its always delivered back at knocking off time complete with MOT and Bill on the same day.

I have never had to question a bill in all the time they looked after the cars I owned. I always pay the following day.

  tullie 17:03 08 Mar 2015

Theres worse things in life than having no car for the day.

  bumpkin 19:20 08 Mar 2015

Theres worse things in life than having no car for the day.

Of course there are but if one is reliant on their vehicle for whatever reason then it is an inconveniece which could be avoided, is does not take a day to do a service and MOT.

  Noldi 22:11 08 Mar 2015

You mention a service, I'm sure you would not want them taking short cuts when checking your car would you ?. If it's a full service then that can take a while to go through all the checks if gearbox filters etc need changing then that's not a five min job. The new MOT test is now done online so the MOT can monitor the test live and even show up as the car leaves the workshop and check if the test has been carried out correctly no more dodgy MOT or by post.


  john bunyan 14:26 09 Mar 2015

We use our local (car franchise) dealers. They come and collect the car and re deliver it the same day. If we want one they supply a courtesy car for which we only pay about £10 for insurance. The prices are quite reasonable.

I have, occasionally, done a "while you wait" service, but it means a trip each way of about 10 miles so the collect / deliver arrangement is much easier.

  HondaMan 18:13 09 Mar 2015

An MOT takes 45 minutes. As I understand it "the computer" will not let the garage go faster, so by the time the MOT is actually done and the paperwork completed an hour is not unreasonable. The time it takes to do a service will be known by the garage as most if not all garages now book in X number of cars for Y hours as specified in their service and maintenance schedules. And a week for spares is plain stupid. If my garage needs a part they have guaranteed delivery within 1 hour.

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