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So why does a service and MOT take all day

  carver 07:03 08 Mar 2015

So why does a service and MOT take all day when these mechanics can do all that in 3 hours, or they phone to say they need to order a part and your car will be ready in a week.

  Ventad 08:00 08 Mar 2015

I booked my car in for an MOT in a garage a year ago , it was booked in for 0800 they asked me to get it there early and got there at 0730 booked it in and 4 hours later finally got out . They new I was waiting due to the distance Made them pick it up this year I live 17 miles away ,

  Ventad 08:10 08 Mar 2015

By the way no work had to be done it past with no problems!!

  Quickbeam 08:54 08 Mar 2015

Because if they can service 10 cars in a day, they like to have them all early to identify the parts needed, and order them in. Then they start working on them. If one then needs another unexpected part, they will then work on another until it's finished. For the garage this is an efficient way of working. For the customer it's annoying because you don't get the 100% attention of a team of mechanics on your car like in a rally staging workshop.

I rarely have my car run past a half day as I tell them what I need doing, and they know I'm usually spot on!

When I book for an MOT only, I book the time and that's the time I'm in for.

  Quickbeam 08:58 08 Mar 2015

...and a rally shop mechanics team would probably cost you several thousand pounds per hour!

  Ventad 09:38 08 Mar 2015


I agree with what you say but my car was booked in for 0800 two weeks before and I told them I would have to wait, they told me to get it over to them early so it was ready to be started on so I got it over at 0730 before the Mech's started. 1130 I finally got the car back and somebody who come in after me left before me!!!

  Quickbeam 10:13 08 Mar 2015

That's life...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:54 08 Mar 2015

Solved that problem this year-

spent the money I knew would be needed for repairs and service on swapping the car for a newer model and don't need a MOT for the next couple of years :0)

  Ventad 12:17 08 Mar 2015

(Quote) that's life....

No just bad management, £35 MOT less driver on the road approx 1hour, less fuel. When the driver could have been putting value added into the company.

  chub_tor 12:54 08 Mar 2015

At the local garage I use each year for MOT and service I take it in at 8.00am and pick it up at noon. If a problem is found during the MOT (usually tyres, wiper blades or lights) they call me and we arrange either for the work to be done immediately or we negotiate a new time. Never had to wait all day.

  namtas 13:42 08 Mar 2015

Take your car to a Government MOT test centre, where they cannot repair faults, your car will be returned with new MOT in about a hour.

Why do garages hold onto your car? As you then do not know how long they have actually worked on it, you do not question the labour cost.

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