So who's the biggest chimp?

  Cymro. 15:00 09 May 2019

BBC link

So what do you make of this then? I am no fan of Royalty but then this Baker chap is an idiot at the best of time.

  oresome 19:22 14 May 2019

I'm probably naïve but I saw no racial context (or indeed humour) to the cartoon until I read the furore it caused.

  Forum Editor 23:11 14 May 2019


The image itself isn't offensive, it was the caption that transformed it into something extremely offensive.

Danny Baker went on to make it worse by claiming that it was a 'gag' and that its offensive nature had never occurred to him, something that many people find very hard to believe. Baker is an intelligent adult and in this case he should have acted like one.

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